Monday, August 03, 2020

The entire RKYHS student body and faculty came together for an inspiring and ruach-filled school shabbaton. The theme of the shabbaton was “Who am I? Building Your Personal and Spiritual Identity” and programming throughout Shabbat reflected that theme. Shabbat began with a musical Kabbalat Shabbat which was followed by a learning activity as groups of students discussed moral dillemas. After a delicious Shabbat dinner, students heard words of inspiration from guest speaker Rabbi David Bashevkin, director of education for NCSY and an instructor at Yeshiva University.

Students then enjoyed a round robin learning learning program where they heard from different faculty members and students about their personal journeys. Each grade came together for their own Game Show and grade bonding. The entire school then joined in spirit and song afterwards for an RKYHS school-wide tish to round out the Friday night activities.

After a meaningful Shabbat morning davening, a plentiful kiddush and learning sessions, the rest of the day was spent relaxing and bonding with friends and classmates. At seuda shelishit, the entire school came together to sing and relish the last moments of Shabbat followed by a Kushner kumzitz. Rabbi Bashevkin addressed the room with inspiring words about actualizing your potential in school and in life. As Shabbat drew to a close, everyone joined as one for an incredibly moving Havdala. The energy and feeling in the room was palpable, as the room shook from the voices of the students singing fervently in unison. It was a true highlight to the weekend, and a powerful way to usher out Shabbat. The entire Shabbat was elevated by the work of the student-led Jewish Life Committee.

Motzei Shabbat, students enjoyed a school-wide outing at Chelsea Piers Connecticut, participating in everything from ice skating, gymnastics and trampolines to basketball, ping pong and rock climbing and more. Seniors returned to the hotel for a late night kumzitz and bonding for their last shabbaton as RKYHS students