Sunday, June 26, 2022

Four Frisch students have won recognition in the 2020 New Jersey Scholastic Art and Writing Awards for their literary and artistic creations. Their pieces, nuanced and poignant, explore the human condition from both a general and Jewish point of view. Mia Hahn, a junior, won an honorable mention for her short story, “The Old Man’s Heart.” Rochel Leah Itzkowitz, also a junior, received a silver key award for her short story, “History Always Repeats Itself.” Hahn and Itzkowitz are also editors of Kalliope, Frisch’s literary arts magazine.

Frisch senior Molly Lopkin won two silver keys and two honorable mentions for four of her poetry pieces, including one titled “Exodus 32:6, 2019” which was inspired by Robert Frost’s “The Road Less Taken” and the story of the golden calf and is about resisting peer pressure. Frisch senior Hannah Finkelshteyn won a gold key for a work of art, titled “Anxious.” The piece will be displayed alongside the other gold key winning art at the Montclair Art Museum from February 15 to March 22.

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