Tuesday, July 07, 2020

TABC’s Zoom classes, now in their second week, have been going remarkably well. Both the students’ commitment to their studies and the teachers’ incredible devotion to their students and their learning experiences are truly impressive. As usual, though there is a lot more going on above and beyond classes at TABC, despite coronavirus.

To continue the famous TABC ruach without physically being together, TABC started a number of after school online opportunities to connect. All students were invited to join the TABC School WhatsApp chat to stay informed about activities and stay connected with faculty and each other. Programs like “Sports Shmooze,” cooking demonstrations, guest interviews, divrei chizuk, a kumzitz and more have been offered as supplemental opportunities for students. In addition to regular classes and social activities, the students have a wide array of optional shiurim and classes offered to them outside of the school schedule, some of which include an Amud Yomi chaburah, an Olam HaMiddot chaburah, a Hilchot Chametz U’Matza chaburah and even virtual topshelf training with Coach Donald Hennie. Additionally, TABC students are provided with virtual chesed opportunities and TABC parents started an Insight on the Haggadah series this week in the evenings with the school’s rebbeim. To make sure alumni also have distance learning opportunities with TABC, series of shiurim was set up just for them!

TABC strives to make the most of this very difficult and volatile time and hopes that the opportunities to connect and deepen learning and faith, inside as well as outside the classroom, will make things just a little bit easier for the TABC family.