Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Last Wednesday the Moriah schedule was jam-packed with Israel-themed programming in honor of Yom Ha’atzmaut! The current situation did not stop Moriah students and teachers from expressing their love for Israel and enjoying the special day. From exciting game shows to virtual tours of Israel, the children were able to feel the spirit of the day as they packed backpacks for their “tiyulim” and explored the eclectic customs of Jews who have returned to 

Israel from all four corners of the earth.

The day kicked off with an exciting game show with the one and only Digital Dov, Dov Katz. Early childhood and lower school students tested their knowledge of the Land of Israel in a fast-paced game that really set the tone for the entire day.

Later in the day, the Moriah early childhood enjoyed a “visit to Israel,” where the children made their own sand in Tel Aviv, built their own Kotel and Migdal David in Yerushalayim, learned about the shuk and made their own art with the spices and, finally, they visited Yam Hamelach and made their own painting of their visit with paint and salt. In the afternoon, the early childhood classes participated in a lively Kooloolam with Morah Gila.

The lower school’s celebrations culminated as lower school students participated in a unified recitation Hallel followed by Hatikva and a montage of students Israel themed artwork.

In the morning the middle school students watched a live cooking demonstration from their teachers Morah Nini and Morah Shoshana. Students learned how to make fresh chummus and Israeli salad. In the afternoon the students participated in a Kahoot-style Digital Dov game show of their own.

To give students a taste of Israel, Moriah (safely!) provided all families their popular Israeli-style lunch made up of falafel, pita bread, chummus and Israeli salad.

Yom huledet sameach Medinat Yisrael!