Sunday, October 25, 2020

JKHA middle schoolers began their marking of 9/11 with a morning assembly, led by Principal Mrs. Levenson, to set the tone for the day, followed by a school wide Tehillim to remember those lives lost, led by Mrs. Hertzberg. The division later had the opportunity to hear from a volunteer EMT from Hatzolah Ambulance Corp who described for students his experience that day and offered inspiring words about the importance of helping your fellow man and performing acts of kindness towards others. September 11, has particular meaning for JKHA middle school students as the namesake of their middle school beit midrash, Mark Rosenberg z”l (JKHA ‘88), perished on 9/11.

To honor our country, second graders learned about the American flag and what freedom stands for as well as the meaning and symbolism of the Pledge of Allegiance, giving a new understanding to something they say daily.