Saturday, June 03, 2023

What sweeter way to spend your last day of school before winter break than crafting a yummy, no-bake dessert? Nefesh Yehudi Academy held a culinary lesson with Harry Rubenstein of Harry’s Virtual Israel Food Tours and Classes ( www.harrysbaked.com ) for the last day of classes in 2020.

Rubenstein, a Long Island native now living in Modi’in, is a culinary guide and pastry chef and gives amazing gastronomic tours of the Machane Yehuda shuk, among others. Rubenstein taught the students how a French tea biscuit made its way into a cake that is synonymous with an Israeli childhood. This quintessential Israeli dessert was mastered by students from k-fifth grade. The students loved getting their hands dirty in the name of education. They were disciplined enough to save their creations until they got home and, as a result, all their parents were begging for the recipe. The kids had a great time and all the students gave it a rave review!

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