Wednesday, May 12, 2021

The Moriah middle school commemorated Yom Hazikaron by learning about how this day is marked in Israel, with the sirens, closure of all entertainment, flags at half mast, visits to the military cemeteries and a special ceremony at the Kotel HaMaaravi. The students were asked to design a poster for Yom Hazikaron. The afternoon middle school-wide Yom Hazikaron program was quite moving and included a “Kel Malei” said by Rabbi Levinson, who then introduced “A Hero in Heaven,” a short documentary that chronicles the life of Michael Levin (z”l). After the movie the students spent time writing meaningful letters to chayalim bodedim, soldiers in the IDF with no family in Israel to support them. The students were informed by The Lone Soldier Center that their letters were much appreciated by the soldiers, including Moriah alumnus Eli Englard (‘14)! The program closed with “Hatikvah” as Moriah prepared to move forward from this somber day to the celebratory day of Yom Ha’atzmaut, a day filled with Kahoots, special competitions in the gym, and a presentation by Moriah alumnus and IDF member, Rafi Wiesen (‘08).

In honor of Yom Ha’atzmaut, the early childhood children enjoyed Israel-related activities—creating sand necklaces in Eilat, writing special notes to Hashem and placing them in their very own Kotel, preparing fresh pita with chocolate spread and enjoying ice cream at a local cafe in Tel Aviv. All of the activities were conducted in Hebrew—as if they were really in Israel! As a finale to this wonderful day, the entire early childhood gathered together and marched in a parade, throughout the school, with flags held aloft and voices raised in song.

Moriah lower school celebrated Israel’s 73rd birthday with a variety of Israel-themed activities. In the library the students played a “I was sitting in the park” style game using different cities and geographical areas of Israel. During Judaic Studies time, each class played an Israel-themed bingo game. The students moved outside for a “see-run-do” game to foster teamwork and communication which resulted in beautiful chalk murals. Of course, no Yom Ha’atzmaut would be complete without blue and white cookies at lunch!

Yom huledet sameach Eretz Yisrael!