Sunday, May 16, 2021

In the past month, the sixth-grade Chumash class was hard at work creating a Mishkan museum. The students were tasked with extensively researching an item from the Mishkan and rebuilding it as close to the original design as possible. They presented their projects to faculty and other grades across Yeshivat He’Atid. The students worked on an interactive component to their presentations to share with the school. For example, at the kiyur station, the students filled the kiyur with water so the visiting children could engage with the water and see how the kiyur actually worked. Students working on the Mishkan Museum had a lot to reflect on the process while completing this project. Chavi Herman, sixth-grader, said, “I learned a ton of details about the Mishkan and just how intricate it really was.” Annabelle Sokal expressed, “I learned that there is a space between the tzitz and the mitznefet that the Kohen Gadol wore so that he could have room to put his tefillin.” “This project made me appreciate how hard it must have been to build the Mishkan” said Matan Jasie. “I learned the real purpose and meaning of all the different vessels of the Mishkan,” shared Emily Billauer. Eli Schwartz said, “I now understand how much work building the Mishkan must’ve been, which gives me a greater appreciation for the Mishkan!” Aaron Hartstein mentioned that this project helped him better visualize how the Mishkan looked.

It is clear that the sixth-grade students learned a lot about their assigned objects. At the Mishkan museum, they showcased their projects to other grades so the whole school could learn all these fascinating details as well.

Dalia Klein, a first-grader, said that she learned about the clothing the kohanim had to wear every day to the Mishkan. “I learned that if the kohanim touched anything before purifying themselves, they could die!” exclaimed Julie Kahane, a fifth-grader. The Yeshivat He’Atid students really enjoyed the Mishkan Museum and the sixth-grade students enjoyed teaching the younger grades all they had learned from this project.

Ally Pruzansky is a sixth-grader at Yeshivat He’Atid. She enjoys reading and writing and especially enjoyed covering the Mishkan Museum for this article!