Thursday, October 06, 2022

Moshava Ba’ir had an incredible start to the summer! With 800 campers and staff joining camp from communities all over New Jersey and New York, the campus is filled with excitement and activity! Last week MBNJ celebrated all of its campers and staff members making aliyah with a special Yom Aliyah program. Everyone enjoyed a super delicious hot shawarma lunch and all chanichim received a special white camp T-shirt special for Yom Aliyah that they will get to tie dye later on this summer! Eidot Super Hey and Bogrim prepared a special Da’aglanut dance that got the entire camp off their feet dancing to the Israeli music. Everyone is so proud of friends at camp who are moving to Israel and all wished them a safe trip! The energy levels remained high with Olympiada this past week! Chanichim competed in different competitive activities such as a bean hunt, bucket brigades and rock wall races. Spirit and sportsmanship filled the hallways and created an amazing environment for everyone at camp. In addition to these two standout programs, chanichim have enjoyed off campus trips and hikes such as Bounce U and bowling!

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