Friday, August 19, 2022

RKYHS was thrilled to return to its shabbaton! Juniors and seniors headed out last week to a hotel in Stamford, Connecticut for a memorable shabbaton together with their classmates and faculty. After some pre-Shabbat snacks, everyone enjoyed the music and voice of singing sensation Dovid Perlman, who began with a musical Kabbalat Shabbat. After a delicious Shabbat dinner, students enjoyed a round-robin learning program where they heard from different faculty members and students about their personal journeys. Afterwards, each grade came together for their own grade games and grade bonding. All the grades then joined in spirit and song afterwards for an RKYHS school-wide tish. To keep the night going there were opportunities for “shabbaton social” which included chess and board games and additional shabbaton shiurim on topics ranging from The Game of Life (not the board game). Antisemitism, Israel, Academia, Palestinians, and Race, Talking Politics, and Musical Mania with Dovid Pearlman. A Q&A with faculty members rounded out the Friday night activities.

After a meaningful Shabbat morning davening, a plentiful kiddush and learning sessions, lunch and shabbaton shiurim, the rest of the day was spent relaxing and bonding with friends and classmates. At seuda shelishit, the entire school came together to sing and relish the last moments of Shabbat followed by a Kushner kumzitz. As Shabbat drew to a close, everyone joined as one for an incredibly moving Havdala followed by spirited dancing and singing. Perlman led the room in song accompanied by staff members on musical instruments. The entire Shabbat was elevated by the work of the student-led Jewish Life Committee.

Motzei Shabbat, students enjoyed a school-wide outing at Chelsea Piers Connecticut. Seniors returned to the hotel for a late night kumzitz and bonding for their last shabbaton as RKYHS students.

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