Sunday, January 16, 2022

All of JKHA and RKYHS came together for a “Thanks for Giving” assembly to say thank you to the school’s nursing team for all that they do for the school. RKYHS gathered in the auditorium and JKHA divisions assembled in their classrooms to watch the program over Zoom. Day in and day out Nurse Lora, Nurse Racheli and Nurse Robyn attend to every medical need of the students from the simple bandaid and medicine dispensing to the more emergent situations, skillfully handling all with calm, care and concern. The nursing staff has also played an integral and indispensable role in the tracking of sick students and upholding the school’s Covid protocols. The nurses were greeted on their walk to the assembly today by a gracious “clap out” through the hallways from lower school. All the students then watched videos prepared by each division, followed by a presentation from senior students.

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