Thursday, May 28, 2020

On September 2nd, the MTA Class of 2018 entered Zysman Hall on Amsterdam Avenue, as they began their first year at Yeshiva University High School for Boys. Hailing from the greater tri-state area–as well as a number of other states, and Canada–the boys were thrilled to join a century-long legacy of excellence in Limudei Kodesh and general studies.

The day kicked off with davening and breakfast, followed by introductions by administration and faculty. “I’m excited to be here,” said Sam Schick, a freshman from Edison, “and I’m looking forward to meeting guys from all over the region.”

The boys then headed off to shiur, where they spent time establishing the fundamentals of Maseches Kesubos. The school continues its four-track system of shiurim, providing each student with highly individualized attention and allowing rebbeim to cultivate genuine connections with their new talmidim. “The school just feels like home, said Avi Kariyev, of Queens.” “Everyone here is so nice and welcoming,” volunteered another student.

The boys received a surprise visit from Rav Hershel Schachter, Rosh Yeshiva of RIETS, who spoke with each shiur about his own time at MTA and encouraged the new students to work hard and to fully utilize the high school’s proximity to the University Beis Medrash and on-campus resources. Shlomo Meisels, of Teaneck, mused that “it was really inspiring to hear from one of the greatest Ravs of our generation.” Rav Schachter’s words of encouragement come on the heels of a massive, school-wide siyyum held in June, where more than 100 students completed Masechtas Ta’anis, Shabbos, and Sotah.

The Class of 2018 also received iPads, as well as a technology briefing. The incoming class is the second grade to receive iPads, part of the school’s comprehensive technological upgrades, which include a new iMac lab and Apple TVs in classrooms.

“It’s critical to responsibly empower our students,” said a member of the MTA Technology Team, “and we feel that iPads are an effective means of giving our boys the best access to a wealth of knowledge.”

The MTA tech staff has developed a sophisticated email and documents system for students, thanks to robust integration with the Google Apps ecosystem, and ensures responsible student use through best-in-class monitoring and compliance software.

The boys were also excited by the ability to play basketball in Yeshiva University’s NCAA court, and to take slapshots in MTA’s newly upgraded “Lion’s Den” hockey court. And the availability of wrestling, fencing, and even marathon-training are just a few of the athletic offerings that Yeshiva University’s lab school is proudly able to offer.

In all, the Class of 2018 is eager to take on its high school years. The boys are excited by the possibilities that lie ahead, proud to be a part of the Yeshiva University environment, and are enthusiastic to join a century-long legacy of excellence in all endeavors. As Noam Putterman of Bergenfield put it, “I’m thrilled to finally be an MTA Lion.”