Thursday, March 23, 2023

To kick off its Living Connected @Ma’ayanot initiative, student leaders planned a day of learning and activities to explore the role of technology in our lives. The day started in the classrooms, where students learned with their teachers about the impact cell phone usage can have on relationships and mental health. It was followed by a panel with students and faculty that highlighted some day-to-day challenges and up-sides of technology—and some hands-on activities, including decorating boxes to store phones during lunch and free periods. The Living Connected @Ma’ayanot incentive program was launched enabling students to earn points, both in and out of school, for every hour they put their phones away or use their phones to build connections, such as making a phone call or FaceTime. At the conclusion of the program a Ma’ayanot sophomore commented so beautifully, “I love the approach that Ma’ayanot is taking to technology. We can’t make our phones go away, but we can learn when and how to use them.”

The Ma’ayanot students and faculty are hopeful and excited to see the growth this initiative will encourage!

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