Wednesday, June 03, 2020

Moriah Plus–Moriah’s premiere comprehensive afterschool program–has successfully completed its first fall session with over 350 children registered in fabulous classes such as fencing, chess, cheerleading, flag football, violin, ice hockey, ballet and much more!

Opportunities such as these are not common for average yeshivot! Within the first two hours of opening registration for our second semester, registration soared to over 200 participants and still growing!

Lindsay Setton, a parent of a Pre-K student, said, “Moriah Plus has enriched my children’s development by introducing them to unique activities, such as baking and learning to ice skate. It is a unique program that has enhanced their overall school experience and the Moriah student life as a whole. The directors, Debby and Gila, go above and beyond to ensure that every child is happy and taken care of and that every parent is updated with constant feedback and pictures on their Facebook page.”

Sandy Solomon, a parent of 1st, 2nd, 7th grade students, concurred: “The Moriah Plus Initiative is a school program that offers students an adult supervised group homework session followed by an extracurricular activity; the initiative has, for many reasons, been a wonderful and rewarding experience for our family. The program allows our children to do their homework with friends, thereby promoting a sense of responsibility and ownership for their homework. They have an opportunity to build social skills they otherwise might miss when doing homework alone at home and the wide variety of extracurricular activities offered allows them to pursue almost any interest. It’s often challenging to juggle our individual children’s various needs while making sure we give each individual child the attention she or he deserves. The continuity between the school day and the after school program reduces the number of trips we parents need to make, saves us a bit of time in a normally a hectic day of shuttling the kids from activity to activity and gives us a few extra minutes for more individualized attention to the other children who are home. Even better, since the kids come home from the program with their homework done, we get a night off from proctoring homework time and, instead, we get to spend some quality leisure time bonding with our child for the evening.”

Zvi Rudman, a parent of 6th and 3rd graders and a Pre-K student, added: “The Moriah Plus Program…meshes convenience with stellar programming. My family is truly enjoying its experience and we look forward to seeing what other wonderful things Moriah Plus will have to offer throughout the year. The quality of teachers and programming makes this a truly appreciated asset to both parents and students alike.”