Thursday, March 23, 2023

Westchester Torah Academy is so excited to be back from winter break! With such unseasonable and dreary weather, it was a real treat to celebrate Parshat Vayechi and the end of Sefer Bereishit on Friday with a special Shabbat oneg. Rav Bet Sefer Rabbi Avi Hoffman read directly from the school’s new Torah scroll—even for the very youngest students—and everyone had the opportunity to sing together. The sounds of “Hamalach Hagoel” and “Chazak! Chazak!” rang through the hallways, as students gathered together for the fun. In early childhood, students marked the occasion with crowns and decorations, and some even dressed up as their favorite characters from Sefer Bereishit!

After the Friday oneg, the celebrations continued with WTA’s annual New Rochelle shabbaton. For the first time since the pandemic hit, WTA families, students and teachers came back together for a beautiful Shabbat experience. Even families from out-of-town joined in, spending Shabbat with host families, so that everyone could enjoy the weekend together. The Young Israel of New Rochelle community welcomed WTA with open arms, and everyone enjoyed beautiful tefillot and delicious meals together. It was inspiring to hear the words of Torah that Head of School Deganit Ronen shared on Shabbat. Todah raba to the entire New Rochelle community!

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