Monday, March 27, 2023

The influence of Rabbi Moshe Kahn, professor and rebbe of Talmud and Jewish Law for four decades at Stern College, will be felt for generations to come, as his students extend throughout the world of chinuch. On Friday February 17, the 26th of Shevat, Ma’ayanot marked the shloshim for Rav Kahn and honored his legacy by learning the Mishnayot of the entire Seder Nezikin as a school. Organized by Miriam Schwartz, Torah Programming coordinator and recent student of Rav Kahn, the program included Ma’ayanot administrators and faculty sharing memories of Rav Kahn, all students learning Seder Nezikin together and a seudat mitzvah luncheon. Head of School CB Neugroschl spoke of her years as a student of Rav Kahn at Stern. She noted that “a student looking for a serious Torah class knew that Rav Kahn’s shiur was the place to go,” and credited Rav Kahn with helping “each of his students acquire her own chelek in Torah.” Over a dozen faculty members at Ma’ayanot, who were students of Rav Kahn over a 30-year timespan, shared how Rav Kahn inspired them in their teaching and learning. Schwartz recalled Rav Kahn’s “compassion for his students combined with the highest standards for their learning.”

Junior Reeva Belgrade found the program very meaningful: “Hearing from individual teachers showed the great impact one person can have; Each teacher had a different connection with Rav Kahn.” Junior Esther Friedlander agreed: “It was a great opportunity to hear how Rav Kahn impacted our teachers’ lives, which ultimately influenced me.”

As the entire school completed the Mishnayot, Schwartz praised the students: “We are all part of a community that learned an entire seder together to honor a remarkable teacher of Torah. Learning Torah all together, with so much energy and joy, is the essence of Ma’ayanot.”

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