Friday, August 14, 2020

The annual 6th grade science fair was held at Yavneh Academy, with students choosing “as seen on TV” products and creating hypotheses based on the advertisements. They researched the history of the product, chemical reactions that take place by using the product and/or engineering of the product. The 6th graders then went on to create their own procedures to test their hypotheses.

Over a month-long period, the students worked as independent scientists to prove or disprove the advertisements for their products. In the end, the grade presented their findings to the 4th grade, and, in the evening, to their parents. After visiting the science fair, many people had a newfound knowledge on the various products often seen advertised on TV and in magazines.

Need to know if a product truly works as said in the advertisement? Stop a Yavneh 6th grader and s/he will have an iron-clad scientific conclusion to share with you before your next purchase!