Saturday, April 01, 2023

The energy in the gym was electric at Yavneh Academy’s annual Invention Convention. The third graders worked diligently creating inventions and innovations that help solve a problem. An art organizer, water bottle holder made for a bed, and a solar paneled jacket with charging capabilities were just a few of the fantastic projects presented. The Yavneh 8th grade E2K students served as judges. After much deliberation, the winners were announced: Yeshaya Perlman for “The Pillow Box,” Ezra and Meir for “The Soup Carrier,” and Natalie Wisotsky and Eliana Kieffer for “The Tissue Bracelet.” A second grader visiting the fair was overheard saying “I can’t wait to be in third grade so that I can be part of the Invention Convention next year!” All of the 3rd grade students will be treated to an ice cream party in honor of their hard work.

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