Tuesday, May 17, 2022


Lauren Elise Bier Nursery School Has Model Seder

The children of the Lauren Elise Bier Nursery School have been learning and preparing for Pesach in their classes for several weeks. Each class made their own Haggadah and other projects to enhance the Seder. To culminate the learning the children participated in a school-wide virtual model Seder led by Rabbi


RYNJ Students Wow in ‘Pinocchio’

Kol hakavod to the RYNJ seventh grade talmidot of RYNJ for their amazing performance of “Pinocchio” on April 5. The original, Hebrew version was written and directed by Morah Zucker, RYNJ middle school girls Judaic Studies principal, but the entire grade’s participation is what made it such a huge success.


Anshei Lubavitch Learns Caterpillar Life Cycle

Anshei Lubavitch students are learning all about the life cycle of a caterpillar! This week they welcomed tiny caterpillars into a little transparent home in their classrooms. The caterpillars have been steadily growing, and have already started to move into their chrysalises. The children are so excited each day to come


WDS Fifth Grade Learns About Earth Layers

WDS fifth graders made models of the Earth to show the different layers using food! They used a Whopper to represent the inner and outer core, Rice Krispie treat to be the mantle, frosting as the asthenosphere and Oreo crumbles to be the crust! Such a yummy way to learn about the layers!


MTA Takes First Place at Yeshiva University Hackathon

MTA seniors Noam Ben Simon, Raphi Spoerri, Tani Glaser and Eitan Brown and sophomore Pinchas Rosenfeld won first place at the Yeshiva University Hackathon! The event began on Sunday, April 10, and lasted through the night, with project presentations taking place on Monday morning, April 11. The theme of the event


BPY Fourth Graders Reuse Grocery Bags

The Ben Porat Yosef fourth graders are spreading the news: As of May 4 in New Jersey, bring your own bags to stores! No more single-use plastic and paper bags will be available. They have first-hand knowledge of how garbage (especially plastic) enters the BPY woods and even went searching for microplastics in the


MTA Welcomes Former Israeli UN Ambassador Danny Danon

On Wednesday, April 6, MTA’s Hatzioni Israel Advocacy Club and Honors College hosted an informative Q&A session with former Israeli United Nations Ambassador Danny Danon. Talmidim had the opportunity to ask Ambassador Danon their questions in a session moderated by Hatzioni Faculty Advisor Rabbi Eli Cohn.


Yeshivat Noam Students Bake Matzah

Yeshivat Noam elementary school students enjoyed the annual Matzah Bake! They glowed with pride while making and eating their matzah creations.


Moriah Kindergarten’s Tree Blooms

While The Moriah School kindergarteners were celebrating the “Holiday of Spring,” their adopted dogwood tree burst into bloom. They enjoyed a trip outdoors to observe the exciting seasonal changes.


Yavneh Academy First Graders Celebrate Earth Day

What an incredible experience the children in 1A had reusing trash and turning it into creative pieces of art. The students have learned so much about Earth Day. They are ready to help save the resources of the earth through reducing our waste, reusing items and recycling. Every day is Earth Day!


JEC Second Graders Learn About Poetry

Mrs. Cantor’s second graders are learning all about poetry. From rhyming poems to Diamantes, and alliteration to free verse, there is so much to explore as they traverse the poetry universe. After learning the structures, guidelines and rules, they wrote their very own poems!


Heichal HaTorah Packs For Tomchei Shabbos

Heichal HaTorah is honored to serve as Tomchei Shabbos’ pre-Pesach local packing center for the week leading into Pesach. The Tomchei Shabbos operations increase significantly for this chag and the packing requires a larger space and more manpower. So, in addition to Heichal HaTorah volunteering its facilities, the

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