Friday, May 20, 2022


Heichal HaTorah Spends Shabbos Retreat at CDG

This past Shabbos, Heichal HaTorah enjoyed a school-wide shabbaton in Camp Dora Golding. Buses departed Heichal on Friday, beginning the weekend excitement with inter-grade sports tournaments, swimming, leisure time, beautiful hikes and a pre-Shabbos Toameha, with delicious hot food. Shabbos began with powerful tefillos,


Ma’ayanot AP Science Classes Visit Dr. Zalman Levine’s Lab

Ma’ayanot’s AP Biology and AP Chemistry students were privileged to visit the office and lab of Dr. Zalman Levine, a specialist in reproductive endocrinology and infertility (and father of three Ma’ayanot alumnae and uncle of a current Ma’ayanot AP Biology student). Dr. Levine explained the science behind


Frisch Science & Engineering Symposium Highlights Innovation

Yeshivat Frisch’s annual Science & Engineering Symposium, dedicated by the Maurice and Hester Lowenthal Foundation in memory of Mitzi and Edward Traurig z”l, took place this Monday, highlighting the skill, creativity and hard work of the hundreds of students taking part in Frisch’s engineering courses


Naaleh AP Euro Students Celebrate Their Exam

After months of grueling work and two especially frantic weeks of writing essays and cramming information in the leadup to their first-ever AP exam, this year’s AP Euro students celebrated their tremendous achievements with a party that will go down in history. Each student in the class brought in a European History-themed snack,


JKHA Sixth Grade Girls Embark On Bat Mitzvah Program

The sixth grade girls at JKHA took part in a special bat mitzvah-focused program all week long. At this time in their lives with physical, emotional and religious changes taking place, the programming focused on helping them transition into this next phase. The program started with an introductory exercise to


JEC Students Learn About Shatnez

In honor of פרשת קדושים, JEC welcomed Rabbi Yosef Sayagh, director of International Headquarters of Professional Shatnez Laboratories for an informative presentation on shatnez. Thank you to the Gilbert family for sponsoring this exciting program.


Gan Yaldenu Tots Learn About Lag B’Omer

The children learned that Lag B’Omer is all about friendship. They spoke about how it is to be a good friend. This past week the classes learned to work together. In Hebrew class the children worked together to build a fire. The children also worked together to paint and bake a cake to eat together.


Kinneret Heads To Teva for Retreat

After two years of COVID, the entire fifth through eighth grade of Kinneret participated in a four-day intensive program at Teva at Pearlstone that included science activities, team building tasks, creative arts, Jewish environmental ethics and stunning hikes that had creek explorations. The beauty of the natural


Ma’ayanot Physics Students Head to Six Flags

Ma’ayanot’s 11th grade physics students experienced a fun-filled and educational Physics Day—an excursion to Six Flags Great Adventure Amusement Park! This trip gave the girls the opportunity to associate concepts learned in class with practical applications experienced on rides in the park. They analyzed


Farmer Avichai Visits RYNJ

RYNJ was privileged to host a farmer from the Negev who is keeping his second shemitah. Farmer Avichai Koch detailed for RYNJ students what he grows on his farm, how the vegetables are grown in greenhouses, the challenges of keeping shemitah and most importantly the bracha that he has seen in his fields in the


Yeshivat He’Atid Third Graders Celebrate Mesibat Rashi

The Yeshivat He’Atid third grade students learned how to read Rashi letters along with his perushim within their Chumash lessons. To present their Rashi skills, they held a Mesibat Rashi. For the mesiba, the students were divided into four groups. Each group received a parsha that they have learned this year and


Naaleh Hosts Junior Shabbaton

Last week, the Naaleh juniors enjoyed an amazing shabbaton. The theme of the weekend was “maavir al midosav,” letting things go and not holding onto grudges. After days spent on preparations, as well as pre-Shabbos ruach and kugel in school, the girls traveled to Passaic. The Friday night seudah was at Young Israel of

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