Friday, June 09, 2023


Cheder Yaldei Menachem Bakes Challah

Pre-k children at Cheder Yaldei Menachem invited their parents for a Moving-Up Challah Bake celebration!

Dressed as soldiers of tzivos Hashem, Hashem’s army, the class proudly presented songs on many of the concepts they had learned throughout the year. Each child was also awarded a


Tenafly Chabad Academy Builds Bridges

Tenafly Chabad Academy eighth graders have been engaged in an exciting and immersive physics curriculum this year, and their culminating project involved designing and constructing bridges. This project has provided them with a hands-on opportunity to apply their knowledge of physics principles to real-world


BPY Learns Three Laws of Newton

BPY seventh grade students concluded their physics unit on motion and the study of Newton’s three laws of motion by creating Newton scooters. They all did an excellent job in fulfilling the parameters of the challenge. Their vehicle had to move 1.5 meters and could not use any form of electricity or the pull of


RYNJ Joins Education Day at Citi Field 

RYNJ fourth grade students and teachers joined an interactive weather lesson at Citi Field about weather patterns and phenomenons, highlighting what they learned in science this year. A 4-2 win by the Mets was a perfect way to end the day!


BCHA Takes Trip to Washington DC

Last week the Bi-Cultural Hebrew Academy seventh-grade spent a few days in Washington DC. They visited the National Mall and all the monuments, the Museum of Natural History, the Museum of American History, Arlington Cemetery, toured the U.S. Capitol, viewed the Holocaust Museum and so much more. In addition, the


Ma’ayanot Students Perform in Heartbeats

On the evening of Tuesday, May 23, over 600 women and girls from across the Jewish community joined Ma’ayanot at its annual Heartbeats performance. This year the Ma’ayanot students have again decided to honor the memory of Donny Morris, z”l, by dedicating the proceeds from Heartbeats to a scholarship fund


Kol Chaverim Preschool Enjoys the Spring


TABC Scholars Take Triple-Header Trip

What’s the best way to decipher a Rambam? Students in TABC’s Scholars Program can now tell you! Last Tuesday, these students went on a triple-header trip to lower Manhattan, stopping at the YU Museum, Sushi Tokyo and the National Museum of Mathematics (MoMath). Their first stop was the recently released


Naaleh Enjoys End of Year Field Trips

Naaleh’s graduating class went on a memorable trip that was a perfect ending to the year, leaving the seniors with cherished memories of their high school experience. It started with a visit to Hershey Park on the way to Virginia Beach. The next day was spent navigating a ropes course, exploring the lively boardwalk,


MTA Honors Graduation Awardees

Aaron Sisser of Queens, is co-valedictorian. Throughout his four years at MTA, Aaron has enjoyed many great classes and shiurim, as well as many extracurricular activities in school.

Aaron served as editor-in-chief of the Academy News, editor-in-chief of the inter-Yeshiva Dvar


JEC 4B Hosts Tannaim Fair 

JEC class 4B embarked upon a beautiful project learning about the famous Tannaim from Maseches Berachos. Each boy formed a chabura, researched a particular Tanna and presented a slide show about the history of that Tanna as well as his accomplishments. The boys enjoyed preparing and presenting this project to


BPY Nursery Learns About Butterflies 

BPY learned all about the life cycle of a butterfly. Students read their favorite book “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” in English and in Hebrew and teachers brought caterpillars into the classroom. Everyone was so careful not to scare them and to keep them safe. The children loved watching them grow and then go

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