Sunday, October 24, 2021


The Idea School Welcomes Back Seniors at the JCC

The Idea School students were thrilled to personally welcome back the seniors to the Kaplen JCC. The students were eager to return to occasions and opportunities to meet with and work alongside the senior group. On Friday, the students started by sharing a discussion they’d had in beit midrash, about Abraham and Sarah


Ohr Yisroel Celebrates Siyum

Ohr Yisroel celebrated the completion of Maseches Beitza together with Rabbi Soniker this past week. The talmidim were presented with an inspiring drasha after which Rabbi Soniker read the Hadran. The talmidim immediately broke into dance and surrounded their rabbeim as they celebrated the joyous occasion.


Moriah Fifth Graders Learn About Natural Disasters

The fifth graders are busily involved in studying various types of natural disasters. How fortuitous that the weather is cooperating and providing real examples of the weather events students are exploring. Just this month our country has experienced wildfires, floods, hurricanes and tornadoes! The students have read


Yeshivat Noam Students Participate in Matan Bat Mitzvah Program

For the sixth consecutive year, Yeshivat Noam sixth grade girls are fortunate to benefit from a special opportunity to learn with their mothers in preparation for becoming a bat mitzvah. Each week the girls and their moms learn about a different female role model with their teacher,


Yavneh Chesed Team Preps Care Packages for Afghan Refugees

The Yavneh Academy middle school chesed team had their first event of the year this past week. Students decorated gift bags and packed them with care packages of toiletries and towels for Afghan refugees and included notes of welcome. Kol hakavod to all the students who participated!


Moriah Gan HaShemesh Students Are Astronomers

Gan HaShemesh students are astronomers! In connection with day four of creation, Gan HaShemesh created their own telescopes and gazed into the solar system!


Ma’ayanot Learns and Bakes at Mishmar

The theme for Ma’ayanot’s Mishmar this past Thursday night was “Building Our Shabbos.” Among the many different options of shiurim and discussions to participate in, Mrs. Racheli Taubes organized a challah bake where over 60 students joined to bake together. The girls discussed the importance of baking


Fall Has Arrived At RYNJ

Fall is here! The RYNJ yeladim are excellent observers and noted many seasonal changes around us. Classes learned about chlorophyll, gathered colored leaves and created beautiful works of art with the samples they collected.


TABC Seniors Participate In Voter Registration Drive

Seniors at TABC got a head start on their civic entry into the electoral process by participating in a voter registration drive in conjunction with Teach NJ. The program commenced with an overview of the historical evolution of voting rights in the United States from property ownership qualifications to universal


MTA Freshmen Take on the Trails

On Thursday, October 14, the entire MTA Class of 2025 enjoyed an exciting day on their freshman hike. Talmidim spent time bonding with each other and their rebbeim on the hiking trails, where they pushed themselves outside their comfort zones in team-building activities and had the opportunity to make new friends.


Yeshivat He’Atid Plays Hebrew Guess Who?

The third grade created and played the Hebrew version of Guess Who? The students worked in groups using the phrases, יש לי /אין לי—I have/I don’t have, to write creative sentences describing their friends. The students then had to guess which of their fellow classmates were being referenced in the


Ma’ayanot Hosts Meet and Greet Dinner for New Families

Ma’ayanot Yeshiva High School for Girls welcomed new families to the Ma’ayanot family at their Meet and Greet dinner this past week. The guests enjoyed a delicious dinner while mingling with old and new friends and meeting the administrators in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. The program included welcoming

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