Friday, February 03, 2023


RYNJ Counting Up

RYNJ pre-k students are counting up to Matan Torah. Each day they count Sefirat HaOmer and add a hand colored flower to their beautiful Har Sinai.


Ma’ayanot Students Perform for Charity in Heartbeats: A Night of Song, Dance and Connection

Started several years ago by three students in the Class of 2009, Heartbeats is an annual student-created and student-directed performance open to women of the community. Each year Heartbeats organizers choose a charity to which the proceeds of that year’s performances will be donated, and over the years almost


Bergen County High School Jewish Studies Students Pitch In

Students at the Bergen County High School of Jewish Studies participated in a mitzvah project this past Sunday with Bonim Builders. Students assisted in renovating a kitchen at the home of a senior citizen in Teaneck that was in desperate need of repair. According to Stacey Orden, Bonim Builders coordinator, the students


Fifth Graders Host a Pilgrim and Puritan Fair at Yeshivat Noam

The fifth graders at Yeshivat Noam have been learning about colonial history of the United States. Students studied and researched how the Pilgrims and the Puritans lived during those times. The fifth grade students presented their research at the Pilgrims and Puritans Fair. Students created activities that


Yavneh Academy’s Invention Convention

The energy in the gym was electric at Yavneh Academy’s annual Invention Convention. The third graders worked diligently creating inventions and innovations that help solve a problem. An art organizer, water bottle holder made for a bed, and a solar paneled jacket with charging capabilities were just a few of the


Author Meish Goldish Visits Yavneh

Yavneh students were treated to a special visit from Mr. Meish Goldish, a children’s author of fiction and nonfiction books and poetry. Mr. Goldish explained how he gets ideas for stories and how books are illustrated. The children listened attentively as Mr. Goldish read his famous books and sang songs to the


TABC Team Travels to Washington for National History Bee & Bowl Competition

Eight TABC students, along with their advisor Dr. Garry Katz and TABC parent Ari Fishkind, recently travelled to the Washington D.C. area for the National History Bee and Bowl competition. TABC was the first yeshiva high school to compete in the regional competitions of the National History Bee and Bowl; the school had students


State of the Art Science Lab Renovation and Dedication at Bruriah High School

Elizabeth—They call him a “Builder,” because Danny Kahane is known for his buildings. Chris Bollwage, the mayor of Elizabeth, can tell you about Danny’s buildings in town. Numerous neighboring municipalities are also graced with structures built by Danny Kahane. In the Elizabeth Jewish community—and in


Author Shares Her Shocking History With RKYHS

Livingston— Silence overtook the auditorium as students from the Rae Kushner Yeshiva High School gave their undivided attention to the woman speaking on stage. Her name is Jennifer Teege, and it was just eight years ago at the age of 38 when her world turned upside down; Jennifer learned of her family’s brutal past,


JKHA Students Learn Important Study Skills

Jaime Lehrhoff, M.A., LDT-C, owner of Livingston Educational Center, presented a workshop entitled “Successful Strategies for All Students,” for the fifth and sixth grades this week. The workshop focused on understanding one’s learning style; how to organize and prioritize homework, tests and projects; strategies to enhance


JKHA Fifth Grade Visits “Egypt”

The Joseph Kushner Hebrew Academy fifth grade class recently went on an exploratory adventure of ancient Egyptian civilization at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. While there, the students participated in a scavenger hunt which allowed them to share their recent mastery of ancient Egypt material while


JKHA Students Learn About Hagbah

JKHA eighth grade students were given lessons by resident expert Rabbi Selengut on how to properly perform hagbah on a sefer Torah. As the boys become Bar Mitzvah, it is exciting for them to become more and more involved in the minyan. While many enjoy being baalei tefillah (leading davening on a daily basis), getting called up for

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