Friday, August 14, 2020


JKHA Students Take a ‘Trip’ to Biblical Museum Of Natural History

JKHA eventh and eighth grade students studying the laws of kosher animals in Sefer Devarim capitalized on their remote learning world by taking a trip to the Biblical Museum of Natural History in Jerusalem. Biblical animal expert, Rabbi Dr. Natan Slifkin, brought the Torah to life with his tour of their impressive animal,


Senior Sessions Prepare RKYHS Seniors For Life Post-High School

RKYHS seniors have been participating in Senior Sessions as they close out their senior year. Senior Sessions are a participatory, educational experience for the 12th graders that prepare them for their next chapters post graduation.

The engaging presentations have ranged from


MTA Launches New Career Development Program

In an effort to help talmidim explore various career paths, MTA recently launched a weekly workshop series entitled “What Do People Do All Day?” Through the series, talmidim learn about different careers from successful and inspiring speakers who are leaders in their fields. The series aims to inspire talmidim


JEC Second Graders Conduct Animal Research

Lions, tigers, bears and armadillos? The second grade students of JEC have become experts in animal research. This past month they each chose one animal and researched its diet, appearance, habitat, predator prey relationships and, of course, some fun facts. After writing their information into paragraphs they


Yavneh Academy Opera Club Continues During Pandemic

Being “shut in” has not stopped the Yavneh Academy third, fourth and fifth grade Wednesday lunch opera club from meeting and enjoying opera! Yavneh music teacher Marsha Motzen, who is also a Metropolitan Opera Guild Access Opera partner streams Met on-demand from her home to continue encouraging these young opera fans!


Reflections of a Yeshivat He’Atid Parent

As the end of the school year approaches, social distancing continues to be the new normal. Many schools and families will not be able to partake in large-scale graduations. This is especially heartbreaking for Yeshivat He’Atid, which is celebrating its first graduating class. However, this past Sunday, the administrators got


Tenafly Chabad Academy Distributes Teacher Appreciation Lawn Signs

Tenafly Chabad Academy teachers and staff had a surprise waiting for them on their lawns this week! Make sure to “honk” when you pass by to show your appreciation for all teachers who are working exceptionally hard during this challenging time.


Gan Henel Thanks Its Staff

The Gan Henel staff enjoyed a delicious hot brunch together on Zoom courtesy of the Gan Henel PA. The staff was surprised as the Zoom was ‘bombed’ and parents and children came on with signs and songs. Gan Henel loves its morahs!


Anshei Lubavitch Is Ready for Matan Torah

For the past seven weeks Anshei students have been counting up the days until Shavuot and are so glad that it’s finally here! They prepared for the holiday by making their own paper mache Har Sinai, creating floral masterpieces to decorate their homes and even making their own ice cream! Students sing songs about and


RYNJ Celebrates Lag B’Omer Together

Although still  separated last week RYNJ hosted a school wide Lag B’Omer event that brought everyone together. RYNJ families were invited to join up with the Schnitzel Guys for a fun filled family experience that featured an online competition. Each challenge had students running all over the house


Ma’ayanot Students Get A(PUSH) For Success

Chani Rotenberg, Ma’ayanot history department chair, personally visited her AP United States History students to deliver them a bag of encouragement before taking their exam. The bag included some APUSH themed treats along with a note wishing them luck on the exam.


Better Together Program at The Idea School Re‘Zooms’

This past week, The Idea School students together with the JCC seniors program, were able to resume the Better Together senior-teen philanthropy program online. Over the course of the school year, students have been working with seniors at the Kaplen JCC on the Palisades to decide on an organization they’d like to donate money