Friday, June 09, 2023


JKHA Connects on Book Day

JKHA seventh graders were immersed in a Book Day program, a culminating event following the students’ completion of “The Exact Location of Home” by Kate Messner. The novel tackles issues of identity, friendship and the pitfalls of making assumptions about others while accompanying the main character as he


Ma’ayanot Heads to Six Flags for Physics Day

The 11th grade physics students at Ma’ayanot had an exciting and enriching experience on Physics Day, which took them on a memorable trip to Six Flags Great Adventure Amusement Park. This excursion provided the girls with a unique opportunity to connect the theoretical concepts they learned in class with real-life


RPRY ‘Names Not Numbers©’ Screens to Full House

Close to 400 people came together on Wednesday evening, May 31, at RPRY, for the screening of an original, student-created documentary, chronicling the stories of six remarkable individuals who survived the Holocaust.

The film, “Names, Not Numbers©: A Movie in the Making,”


BCHA Hosts Special Day

On Friday, Bi-Cultural Hebrew Academy rolled out the red carpet for everyone who attended Grandparents and Special People Day. Pre-k through second grade sang songs for their special guests and hosted fun activities in their classroom. It was such a great way to start Shabbat!


MTA Enjoys Annual Siyum And Seudas Preida

One of the beautiful traditions that MTA has is its annual Siyum and Seudas Predia. This event celebrates not only the completion of three mesechtos, (Makkos, Megilla and Gittin) by MTA talmidim, but everyone comes together as one yeshiva to celebrate their joint accomplishments in the yeshiva’s Torah


Idea School Takes Trip to Hershey Park

Idea School seniors had a blast last week, visiting Hershey Park and the Turkey Hill factory—where they got to make their own ice cream—and engaging in a bunch of other fun-filled activities such as going to an arcade and spelunking. The Class of 2023 had a great time getting together as a grade and


Bruriah Ninth Graders Talk Tznius

Several weeks ago, ninth grade Bruriah grade advisor Rena Teitelbaum was approached by a group of her students who were eager to deepen their understanding of tznius. “They know the “what” of tznius—the halachos and the rules. But they wanted a program to understand the ‘why.’” Teitelbaum happily obliged and planned a


Chabad of Tenafly Knows How to Stay Healthy  

Pre-k students at Lubavitch on the Palisades Preschool learned all about the parts of the body. They learned about different foods that keep their bodies healthy and made food pyramids. They learned about bones and created their own skeletons. Students enjoyed trying on their body costumes and reviewing the parts


RKYHS Visits Rambam Exhibit at YU Museum

Last month, a group of students had the opportunity to visit a new exhibit at the Yeshiva University Museum on the life and legacy of the Rambam, one of the most influential Jewish thinkers in modern history. Between his written works of Halacha and hashkafa, as well as his career in medicine and communal


Naaleh Recognizes Stellar Students   

Naaleh’s Mesibat Siyum was a truly magical celebration of learning and accomplishment. Everyone gathered to honor a selection of exceptional students who embody the core values of Naaleh: Torah, avodah and gemillas chasadim. The event beautifully represented the culture of the school, showcasing the commitment


Ramaz Sophomores Make Siyum

Kol hakavod to Rachel B., Avi F. and Alex S. for making a siyum upon completing Masechet Megillah! As the school year winds down, and having spent much of it participating in the Yeshiva University Bekiut Program, this group realized that there were only a few dafim left to study of Masechet Megillah. So they decided to learn the


RYNJ Releases Butterflies

Under the careful guidance of the RYNJ Morot, the yeladim released the butterflies that have been growing in their classrooms. Each class had special guests whom they observed from their early weeks as caterpillars, until they formed their chrysalis, and then emerged with their beautiful wings. The childrens’

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