Monday, September 26, 2022


Ma’ayanot Seniors Solve Crimes in Forensics Class

No two people have the same fingerprints—not even identical twins! Mrs. Stein’s forensics class used various techniques to develop latent fingerprints and determine which of their classmates was the “criminal” in the class crime.


Tenafly Chabad Academy Masters Chess

At Tenafly Chabad Academy all fifth through eighth grade students learn chess. Once a week, TCA has a chess master come to school to impart his knowledge of chess to all middle school students.

Tenafly Chabad Academy believes in educating the entire child. Chess is a sport of


JEC Fourth Graders Are Budding Writers

This week Ms. Henderson’s fourth graders are learning the difference between a fragment and a sentence. As students are working to turn fragments into complete sentences, they are having fun and still building sentence structure. Students will work on their writing skills throughout the year as they become more


Naaleh Starts Enhanced Madricha Program

The Naaleh students had their first chaburas with their madrichot, kicking off this year’s new and enhanced Madricha Program. Each grade has been assigned three college-age young women who will spend their Fridays at Naaleh running chaburas and meeting with students one-on-one. They will also meet with the grade


RYNJ ECD Loves Messy Art

One of the many things that make the early childhood department at RYNJ so much fun is the painting and sensory art experiences that can only be done in school, because they make moms wary! Children love painting hands and even feet to make creative prints, and enjoy great sensations!


Yeshivat Noam Engineers Test Designs in STEM

Yeshivat Noam students in first, second and third grades were challenged in STEM to design and build functional solutions for holding pencils and creating “earthquake” proof buildings. Students in fourth and fifth grades explored the properties of liquids and surface tension, and were challenged to see how many drops of each liquid a


Moriah Kindergarten Learns ‘All About Me’

The Moriah School kindergarteners are so excited to begin the new school year! The children are eager to learn more about their new classmates. They chose items from home that can tell their classmates something unique about them, brought them to class and used them as a means to share about themselves. They


Yeshivat Shalshelet Has FIRST First Day of School

Students at Yeshivat Shalshelet were all smiles for their FIRST first day of school! They got to know each other as they learned and played—and they didn’t let the day pass without learning Torah first. They had a guest appearance by Rabbi Yaakov Neuburger, posek and rabbi of Congregation Beth Abraham in


TABC Kicks Off Night Seder With a Bang

Nearly 150 students packed TABC’s Beit Midrash for the first night seder of the year this past Monday. Students in all grade levels stayed for an hour after school to learn b’chavruta, join a chaburah or do chazara on their classroom learning. TABC’s night seder program takes place Monday-Thursday after


Morning Midrasha Adds Torah at Ma’ayanot

An initiative of Midreshet Ma’ayanot, the Morning Midrasha is a way for students to opt in to starting their day with an added dose of Torah study. During the first 10 minutes of breakfast, students gather in the beit midrash with a different faculty member each morning to learn before their day of formal classes


Bruriah High School Enjoys Fun-Filled First Day

Bruriah High School students returned on Wednesday to an action packed first day of school! Greeted by their friends and teachers, both new and old, the excitement of being back was palpable throughout the building. They started the morning with a greeting from their G.O. president, followed by a delicious


BPY Commemorates 9/11

This week, Ben Porat Yosef commemorated 9/11. Dressed in red, white and blue, the students proudly showed their patriotism. The elementary school focused on showing appreciation for first responders, who are always around to take care of us during emergencies. Although the students were not alive during 9/11, they

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