Monday, April 19, 2021


TABC Team Wins Accolades At Virtual Model Congress

TABC virtually descended on Capitol Hill before Pesach to participate in the annual Yeshiva League Model Congress. Students from 17 high schools throughout the New York metro area, as well as from Florida and California, convened to debate the pressing issues facing our nation.



RYNJ Students Are Back in Action

After a wonderful Pesach break, it sure is great to be home! RYNJ students enjoyed the beautiful weather this past week, catching up with their teachers and friends.


Model Pesach Seder Is Held At Cheder Yaldei Menachem

Pesach traditions came alive at Cheder Yaldei Menachem! Children brought it all to the forefront at their engaging model Seder. Each child’s setting included a Seder plate with all the symbolic foods on it, a Kiddush cup and three matzos. The children diligently participated, following the steps and sharing all


WDS Enjoys March Madness: Book Edition

As filling in March Madness brackets took over the school by storm, WDS students in grades three to five had their own version—March Madness: Book Edition. Instead of college basketball teams, books went head to head until they had a final division favorite.

Students nominated their four


The Idea School’s Ulpan Class Presents Project ‘Pesach Ba’

For the past few weeks, advanced Hebrew students at The Idea School have been working on Project Pesach Ba (Passover Is Coming). In this project, the students explored the social norms and laws governing the sale of chametz during Pesach in Israel.

To simulate a real world


Sustainability Tastes Better

As part of SAR Academy’s middle school unit on food systems, students in the sixth grade interviewed the owner of Moss Cafe, Emily Weisberg. Moss Cafe is an environmentally friendly dairy cafe serving delicious food in Riverdale. In Emily’s words: “The goal [of Moss] was to open a really excellent cafe that was casual and accessible,


Ramaz Middle School Hosts Greater Good Summit

Ramaz hosted its first Greater Good Summit featuring leading environmental and cultural changemakers, who shared how they turned their dedication to helping others into global action. The virtual summit caps off the middle school students’ months-long interdisciplinary exploration of peace and justice through social,


Jewish Link Monthly Kids ART Contest

Congratulations to our winners! Benjy and Evie,


BPY Students Are Matzah Bakers

BPY early childhood friends had an amazing time learning how to make matzah! Led by dear friend, Rabbi Moshe Grossbaum, the children learned about the whole process of matzah baking from start to finish. They separated the kernels, ground the wheat, mixed the flour and water, kneaded the dough, rolled the dough,


Model Seders Abound At Chabad of Tenafly

In preparation for Pesach, preschool students at Lubavitch on the Palisades participated in model Seders. Children learned about the Pesach traditions and practiced the rituals of the Seder. Each Seder was infused with joy through song.


Rashi Visits Yeshivat Noam Third Graders’ Siyum

The Yeshivat Noam third graders had a real treat this week! They had a very special guest join them at their siyum for Parshat Vayera—Rashi! Rashi spoke to the students about his life and his Torah learning. The students enjoyed delicious french toast and french fries from Rashi’s home town.


Anshei Lubavitch Students Leave Mitzrayim

In every generation and in every class at Anshei Lubavitch, the children are leaving Mitzrayim! Students acted out all of the scenes and events of the story of Yetziat Mitzrayim to get the feeling of really being there! They participated in the entire process of making matzah, from gathering the wheat, to grinding