Sunday, May 24, 2020


Back to School

This week marks the end of summer vacation and a return to school. Parents play a vital role in creating a successful school year for their children. Most children who excel in school do not do so independently; rather it is a function of parental support and environment. This applies to students at all levels of academic achievement. Over the years there are several


Local Deals For School Supplies and Clothing

From school supplies to school shoes they need ‘em and you have to buy ‘em. But where can you get high quality and the best deals? Here are a few tips to guide you.


AMAZING SAVINGS–has 14 locations but only three reasonably close, Teaneck, Clifton and Monsey. Surprising lower priced than Staples; they have


Bunk/School Requests–Who Is Really Making the Request?

When I think back to elementary school and even to my camping days I don’t remember the topic of requests being discussed. Today, one of the most popular topics at the beginning of every camp/school season are requests. How many friend requests were actually met? As soon as assignments are distributed, we as parents immediately work to gather a list of the class or


Mesorah’s Sportstar Academy, Where Everyone is an All-Star

Last week 30 boys trekked out to Guilford, New York to be the first class of Camp Mesorah’s Sportstar Academy. It was an exciting week from start to finish, with everyday jam packed with sports, exciting night time activities, and even a few surprises!!

On Monday, shortly after arrival, the boys received their official Sportstar uniforms, NBA-


Camp 613 Presents a Rambunctious Fiddler on the Roof

Teaneck–The 110 female campers of the Monsey-based Camp 613 came together to present a rollicking, enthusiastic production for women only of Fiddler on the Roof last week at the Teaneck Jewish Center, complete with acting, singing, dancing, and even gymnastics tumbling.

Now in its 15th year for girls, and sixth year for boys, Camp 613’s


Teaneck Scouts Summer Review – Highlights

Boy Scout Troop 226, chartered to the Jewish Center of Teaneck, had an exciting summer. To start with, six Scouts from Troop 226 attended Forestburg Scout Reservation (near Monticello, N.Y.), together with Troop 55 of Highland Park, N.J. Special arrangements were made to provide observant Scouts and Scouters with kosher food, and a large


Camp Superstarz, A Super Success

This past summer, Bergen County had a new exciting opportunity for girls. Camp Superstarz kicked off its inaugural summer with two weeks of amazing sports for girls entering grades 3 through 8.

Camp Superstarz is the brainchild of Rabbi Sariel Malitzky, Director of Camp Slapshots and a popular rebbe at TABC, and Rabbi Josh Kahn, Dean of Student Life at


Two Narratives from Yeshivat Noam’s First Tisha b’Av Program

As part of the Yeshivat Noam Tisha b’Av program, Middle School students delved into the symbolism and meaning of the day. Im­mediately following our singing of the kinna “Eish Tukad b’Kirbi”—which parallels our joy­ous yetziah from Mitzrayim to the painful yet­ziah from Yerushalayim, we joined together to create a hypothetical Seder Shel


Tisha b’Av at Noam

While Am Yisrael awaits redemption, Ti­sha b’Av is the day we commemorate the sac­rifice of the Jewish people during this long exile. Yeshivat Noam held its first Tisha b’Av program for the Bergen County community. Upon entry to the building, a picture of the three boys murdered in Israel by terrorists— Eyal, Gilad, and Naftali, z’l—were seen on a large


Coach Elliot Steinmetz and Zack Rosen Come to Slapshots

The 12th summer of Camp Slapshots has arguably been the greatest of them all. With a record enrollment of 90 campers per ses­sion, an all-star staff of role model athletes, and amazing facilities (in­cluding two indoor gyms at TABC), the campers had an absolute blast.

While Camp Slapshots has been known predominately as a hockey camp, the basketball




Camp Lavi Raises $42,000 for Friends of the IDF

“We are in America But our Hearts are in Israel” reads the graffiti art on the pad­dle board courts at Camp Lavi. This graffiti art exemplifies what many Jews in Amer­ica are feeling right now, and that is not forgotten on the nearly 800 campers and staff at Camp Lavi.

On July 28th, Camp Lavi hosted a ral­ly to