Saturday, December 04, 2021


Bruriah HS Holds Yom Chesed

On Monday, the Bruriah chesed committee organized an incredible day of chesed activities for the entire school to partake in. Each grade had the opportunity to pack toiletries for lone soldiers, make pillows for hospitalized children for Chai Lifeline, write cards for Chesed 24/7 and pack envelopes for Hatzalah. The yom


The Lauren Elise Bier Nursery School Learns Chanukah Math

The 3’s class at the Lauren Elise Bier Nursery School practiced their one to one correspondence and fine motor skills in connection to Chanukah. Each child chose a number and then counted that number of Chanukah candles and put them into the peg board. The children loved this activity and hope to continue


JEC Fifth Grade Girls Study Declaration of Independence

JEC fifth grade girls are studying the Declaration of Independence. To get a feel for the structure and content, groups of students are writing fictional Declarations of Independence from their fictional parents. Students are coming up with a preamble, grievances and a conclusion in the style of the declaration.


RKYHS Freshman ‘Feastival’ Filled With Bonding and Food

Freshman participated in a “Freshman Feastival” which allowed even more community-building opportunities for the newest grade at RKYHS. The grade, divided up into groups and led by 12th grade peer leaders, participated in various games. Each rotating game was accompanied by a different course for their festive


JEC Early Childhood Enjoys Chalav U’Dvash

JEC’s early childhood kiddies met a very special guest this week -שקשוקה תולעת הספרים-Shakshuka the bookworm! Morah Batsheva told the wonderful story of Shakshuka’s adventures! Shakshuka left her home in a pumpkin and traveled the world based on the children’s recommendations! After trying all different types of foods,


RPRY Is Aglow With Chanukah Spirit

RPRY is abuzz with Chanukah activity! Students are immersed in sensory and tactile projects to learn about this special chag.


RKYHS Shabbaton Brings the Ruach

RKYHS was thrilled to return to its shabbaton! Juniors and seniors headed out last week to a hotel in Stamford, Connecticut for a memorable shabbaton together with their classmates and faculty. After some pre-Shabbat snacks, everyone enjoyed the music and voice of singing sensation Dovid Perlman, who began with a


Cheder Yaldei Menachem Children Are Maccabees

Children at Cheder Yaldei Menachem have been training to be brave and strong Maccabee soldiers! They have a special mission to be proud ambassadors of light, spreading goodness and kindness wherever they go. Following the example of Yehuda Hamaccabi and his brothers, they don’t let anything stop them from


Bi-Cultural Hebrew Academy Hosts Open Houses

While the Bi-Cultural Hebrew Academy (BCHA) building is bustling with activity, recruitment for next year is also well underway. Recently, both the early childhood division and upper school division hosted Open House programs to assist families in understanding the benefits of a BCHA education.


Kinneret Third Graders Prepare for Chanukah

Kinneret third graders prepare for the annual Chanukah presentation with song, candles and poetry.


WDS Second Grade Learns About Appreciation

Rabbi Klinger, the WDS rabbi-in-residence, joined the second grade to learn about the story of Yaakov wrestling the angel. Students learned how Yaakov was alone that night after, according to the Midrash, he went back to retrieve small pots. Students had the opportunity to act out the scene with Rabbi Klinger as


WDS First Grade Celebrates Chag HaSiddur

The WDS first graders received their first siddurim! With the Long Island Sound in the background, students shared with their guests what they have been learning in the classroom by presenting in Hebrew and singing songs. Students then received their siddurim from their parents. The morning was filled with love

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