Friday, June 09, 2023


Heichal HaTorah Pays Tribute To Country’s Armed Forces

Heichal talmidim attended the Township Memorial Day ceremony held at the municipal building in Teaneck. The event honored brave current and former members of the nation’s armed forces who have served selflessly for the country. The talmidim felt privileged to participate in the event.


RKYHS College Bowl Team Wins Championship

Congratulations to the RKYHS varsity College Bowl team on their championship win! The team defeated Heschel and North Shore Hebrew Academy to take home the first place spot. The RKYHS varsity College Bowl team maintained a winning record all season to bring them to the championships.


Idea School Students Engage in Field Research

Idea School ninth and 10th graders conducted field research for Earth and Environmental class, getting dirt and water samples from the local area as part of a larger analysis of how healthy the soil, water and air is in different parts of New Jersey. In groups, students are investigating pollutants in various


Yeshivat He’Atid Goes to The Met

After a year of learning about various painters and their masterpieces, the kindergarten students had the wonderful opportunity to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The children viewed the exhibits of Jackson Pollock, Pablo Picasso, Piet Mondrian and additional artists that they learned about. Other visitors to the


SAR HS Runs Peer Tutoring Leadership Program

Another successful year of the Peer Tutoring Leadership Program came to a close with a thank you ice cream party for the 98 peer tutors. The program, now completing its second year, has grown to include 216 SAR students, close to 30% of the school. The program trains tutors, collects weekly data about productivity, and


Tenafly Chabad Academy Enjoys Great Trip

What an extraordinary day Tenafly Chabad Academy’s Middle School had recently! The students were in for a real treat as they embarked on a special end-of-the-year trip to see the New Jersey Jackals, and it was an absolute blast. Students were not only fortunate enough to have seats right up front, but we also


WDS Kitah Bet Receives Chumashim

Just days before celebrating Shavuot and once again receiving the Torah as a people, Westchester Day School’s kitah bet received their first Chumashim at the school’s annual Chag HaTorah celebration. This year’s celebration was especially unique, as the second graders performed entirely in Hebrew, showcasing


Kol Chaverim Preschool Releases Butterflies

There was a very exciting week at Kol Chaverim Preschool as they released their butterflies. The yeladim greatly enjoyed this science lesson as they watched the process as the caterpillars built their cocoons and emerged as beautiful butterflies.


JEC Students Explore Mobile Planetarium

JEC students had an amazing time at the mobile planetarium this week! Thank you to the JPO for arranging this awesome activity.


JKHA Focuses on Animals and Lifecycles

Over the course of this past year, my classmaJKHA early childhood has been focusing on animals and their lifecycles. EC4 immersed themselves in a unit on animals and their habitats. Each week, they took an in-depth look at a new animal that corresponded with their letter of the week, and learned about their


Yeshivat Frisch Engineers Win Awards at CIJE Innovation Day

Yeshivat Frisch engineering students took their capstone projects on the road on Tuesday, May 23, to American Dream Mall for CIJE Innovation Day! Over 400 projects from Jewish day schools across the Northeast were on display. After an incredible year of dedication, inspiration, tremendous skill and hard work,


He’Atid Student Speaks at Board of Ed

Noa Yarimi, a fifth grader from He’Atid, spoke up at the Fair Lawn Board of Education meeting during public comments to advocate for Hebrew language education as part of the public school curriculum—for her siblings and friends to have opportunities.

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