Friday, May 29, 2020


Yavneh Academy Has Fun on Yom Ha’atzmaut

Planning this year’s Yom Ha’atzmaut festivities for Yavneh Academy was quite different than in past years. But, despite using a different platform, the day was just as celebratory, inspiring and educational as it has always been.

The day began with tefillah chagigit in the


Westchester Torah Academy Enjoys Yom Ha’atzmaut From Home

On Yom Ha’atzmaut, the WTA community held its own virtual tekes hamesuot (lighting of torches). Incorporating pieces of the ceremony that was aired live [in Israel], as well as songs and videos, each grade had an opportunity to express their gratitude and honor the many heroes in Israel and in our community.


Bruriah Runs Virtual Yom Ha’atzmaut Festivities

The Yom Ha’atzmaut celebrations at Bruriah started at night on Tuesday, April 28, with our very own Bruriah ‘Zoomzitz,’ where we began to transition from Yom Hazikaron to Yom Ha’atzmaut. To make this experience extra meaningful, each girl who sang a song shared an insight to what the words of that song meant and


MTA Celebrates Israel’s 72nd Birthday

The MTA community had an amazing time celebrating Israel’s 72nd birthday on Yom Ha’atzmaut! Programming and events included an exciting family chagiga led by Tani Polansky, yeshiva-wide Hallel led by sophomore rebbe Rabbi Axelrod, divrei Torah from Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Taubes, and an Israel-themed Family Feud


JKHA Kicks Off Jam-Packed Yom Ha’atzmaut With Schoolwide Concert

What a day celebrating Eretz Yisrael! The joy of Yom Ha’atzmaut was shared across screens and in homes all over the JKHA school community. The day kicked off with a festive musical Hallel and a joyous concert with Jewish music star Duvie Shapiro, live from Israel. It was great to see all the smiling, dancing


TABC Junior Places Fifth In International Chidon HaTanach Competition

TABC junior Ezriel Vinar placed fifth in the worldwide Chidon HaTanach competition last week after finishing in second place in the national competition last year. The international competition takes place annually on Yom Ha’atzmaut in Jerusalem. This year, international contestants Zoomed in to Ir Hakodesh to compete for the top


New Learning Program Begins in Bergen County

New to the Bergen County community has been the Yeshiva Night Program run by Rabbi Jonathan Kessel and Yitz Rabovsky. The program is for fourth-sixth grade boys and meets every night from 7:30-8:10 p.m.

The program learns Mishnayos Rosh Hashanah and the participants take nightly Kahoot


Bi-Cultural Hebrew Academy Celebrates Israel’s 72nd Anniversary, Virtually

Bi-Cultural Hebrew Academy in Stamford didn’t let the statewide school shut-down keep students from honoring the State of Israel’s fallen soldiers and victims of terror attacks on Yom Hazikaron, and from following up that solemn day with a Yom Ha’atzmaut celebration marking the Jewish state’s 72nd birthday.


The Idea School Cheers On Freshman Student At Chidon HaTanach

The Idea School was proud to congratulate freshman, Yehuda Zinberg, on being one of the finalists to compete in this year’s Chidon HaTanach, which was held on Zoom on Yom Ha’atzmaut at 4:00 a.m. EST. Many of The Idea School faculty, students and parents participated on Zoom to cheer on their classmate. Yashar koach,


Yom Ha’atzmaut at RKYHS Is Filled With Meaningful Programming and Fun

RKYHS students began Yom Ha’atzmaut with a musical Hallel and concert with Duvie Shapiro from Israel. In their morning classes students at RKYHS then had the opportunity to participate in a lively Yom Ha’atzmaut video presentation that went over the history of Yom Ha’atzmaut, showed a modern day Israel to


Nefesh Yehudi Academy Travels to Tel Aviv

Nefesh Yehudi Academy, the after school Judaic Studies program for students attending the Hebrew Language charter school in East Brunswick, (virtually) traveled to Museum of the Jewish People—Beit Hatfutsot in Tel Aviv on Monday May 4.

Itmar Kremer, director of the Koret International


RYNJ Presents 'Israel at 72' Art Contest Winners

In honor of Yom Ha’atzmaut, RYNJ students were asked to display their artistic talents and creativity by designing an original piece of art that blends the themes of RYNJ, Israel and 72. The winning prize? Having your artwork displayed in The Jewish Link!