December 1, 2023
December 1, 2023

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Senior Direct Brings Message of Hope

Caren Redlich, LCSW and CEO of Senior Direct, leaves a lasting impression. A highly educated and trained therapeutic professional with extensive experience in our communities over decades, Redlich, in her own words, “offers seniors a message of hope.”

Senior Direct’s specialty services listed are offered “a-la-carte.” They include access to male and female aides for live-in or shift services, vetted and matched precisely with a client’s needs. Redlich herself remains involved, overseeing all aspects of care. She is careful in choosing aides who convey her signature brand of empathy and “genuine kindness.”

Customized psychotherapy is provided, incorporating various modalities including cognitive behavioral therapy/dialectical behavior therapy for trauma; coping and healing from grief, depression and anxiety; and recovery care for seniors and their families, including post-pandemic healing physically, emotionally and spiritually.

When asked about the challenges of the past two years, Redlich expressed concern about the interruption of socializing for seniors. She is keenly attuned to their need for companionship and friendship, and lamented the disruption to normative activities, which led her to create outdoor programming for residents of assisted living. She also implemented innovative programs, both online and off, to facilitate communication and connection among seniors, their families and their communities. Intergenerational visits were encouraged. Musicians including Joey Newcomb performed in nursing homes, assisted living, rehabilitation facilities and hospitals, bringing good cheer.

Although Redlich is a liaison extraordinaire, what really stands out is her warmth. She is a professional with a heart of gold, on a mission to help seniors maintain their independence “overall through overhaul.”

Towards this goal, Redlich provides training and instruction in fall prevention, cognitive stimulation, healing and maintenance, balance training and keeping bones healthy. Encouraging seniors to socialize safely, there is a senior clubhouse and groups, and music is integrated into Senior Direct programming.

With a strong referral network and proactive approach, Redlich has made all the difference in many families’ ability to move forward with trusted support in their corner.

Customized psychotherapy is planned and provided. Redlich also maintains a psychotherapy practice serving women, girls and couples. She invites those seeking more information to call and discuss therapeutic goals, options and various forms of payment including Medicare and other insurances accepted.

I asked Redlich about her mission statement: With a twinkle in her eye she said, “Meeting our seniors’ needs with dignity and kavod is a huge undertaking, opportunity, and a blessing.”

Her message of hope is also one of strength. “Concerns not dealt with fully leave an indelible mark,” said Redlich. “Seeking therapeutic help is a well-deserved gift to ourselves and to our families.”

Redlich and her family reside in Rockland County. She serves New York and New Jersey on-site, in-person or via telehealth. She is an out-of-the-box provider, willing to do whatever it takes for her client’s well-being including “concierge type” services in order to ease the burden on Seniors and their day-to-day activities. She is proud of her devoted staff and welcomes inquiries and suggestions. Redlich can be reached at 845-393-4613 or [email protected].

Sarah (Newcomb) Gordon is a Jewish Link contributor and radio personality together with her husband, Al Gordon, @1640WJPR. Fondly known as “Joey’s Mom,” she’s a long-time admirer of Caren Redlich, LCSW. She can be reached at [email protected]

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