April 16, 2024
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April 16, 2024
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Sheba Medical Center Brings New Tools to Health Care

Rep. Rob Menendez (D, NJ-8) speaks at the Sheba Medical Center event.

The Jewish Link got an exclusive look at some of the cutting-edge health care tech and tools that Israel has started applying on the battlefront and the home front, courtesy of the Sheba Medical Center in Ramat Gan.

Sheba Medical Center is the largest hospital system in the Middle East, ranked by Newsweek among the World’s Top 10 Hospitals for the past four years. Fortunately for people in our area, Sheba Medical Center has forged a partnership with the Liberty Science Center in Jersey City to create a showroom and simulation center for cutting-edge medical care and technologies.

On November 9, the American Friends of Sheba Medical Center held an expo at the Liberty Science Center to showcase the medical technologies developed and/or promoted within Sheba’s ARC Innovation initiative. While the event was held for regional health care partners, other interested parties were invited as well. Board members and prospective supporters of American Friends of Sheba Medical Center were welcomed to view the digital health innovations.

Yoel Har-Even, head of Sheba Global, speaks at the event.

Innovations on display that night included:

  • TytoCare, which offers Home Smart Clinic Solutions that gives patients at home or in remote locations easy-to-use tools to conduct diagnostic scans and share them with medical professionals;
  • UltraSight, which provides cardiac imaging capabilities to health care professionals in a wide range of settings, expediting diagnosis and treatment;
  • Soapy Care, which is a fully automated and touchless hand hygiene machine that reduces hospital associated infections and encourages greater hygiene compliance;
  • OtheReality, a visual reality platform that allows medical staff to experience the physical limitations and challenges of their patients, to foster greater empathy and understanding;
  • AISAP, a high-performance AI solution for real-time diagnosis, interpretation, storing and reporting of ultrasound studies at the point of care.
Emily Heineman, director of account management at TytoCare, demonstrates the company’s products.

At the event, attendees heard greetings from Congressman Rob Menendez (D-8th District), who spoke of the two trips he has taken to Israel since he took office in January and his strong support of Israel in its war with Hamas. Paul Hoffman, CEO of the Liberty Science Center (LSC), spoke about Sheba’s role as an anchor partner with LSC in the new 30-acre SciTech Scity initiative in Jersey City and pointed to the promising role of digital technology in addressing the troubling drop in life expectancy in the U.S. since 2014. Attendees also heard from Yoel Har-Even, head of Sheba Global, and Brian Abrahams, CEO of American Friends of Sheba Medical Center.

Orli Biger, CEO of Liberty Science ARC HealthSpace 2030, told The Jewish Link: “Sheba is working closely with startups, health care entities in the region, medical technology and pharma companies to collectively create a space where key participants of the health care ecosystem will work together to determine what we need, how it needs to be delivered, and ultimately how to best create new solutions.”

Sheba Medical Center staff demonstrate remote scanning equipment for newborn babies.

For more information on Sheba Medical Center and/or its role in SciTech Scity, contact American Friends of Sheba Medical Center at www.afsmc.org/new-jersey/

Harry Glazer is the Middlesex County editor of The Jewish Link. He can be reached at [email protected]

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