September 26, 2023
September 26, 2023

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Some of 2018 Hottest Fall Hair Colors

As the leaves are changing to rich, warm shades of red, deep auburn and bright golden yellows, so is hair color everywhere. Warm and bright colors with rich, intense pigments are hot this year. Colorists are now breaking the industry’s standard rules by using two different tone highlights (a past no-no), mixing ash with warm highlights resulting in extremely contrasting dimensional color.

Reds, oranges and all variations of those tones are this season’s go-to colors. Rose-gold hair is being combined with subtle copper undertones to create a more natural version of that look. Copper-color hair (not to be confused with brassy-color hair) is a rich, deep pigmented color that looks great with both dark and fair complexions. A pop of this color in one’s hair will add a glow to one’s face without the need for extra makeup. Burgundy hair is all over Pinterest, ranging from oxblood-colored locks to brighter hues as well as richer shades. It’s a very autumny color that I fell in love with and will be putting in my newest look.

Brown hair will be anything but boring this season. Meghan Markle is making dark chocolate the newest sought-after hair color. Her deep chocolate hair actually has some thin blended caramel highlights that gives her hair that dimensional look. For those with darker, warmer skin tones, maple-colored hair is the best shade of brown to choose. It combines orange and violet tones, complementing the darker skin undertones. Bronde hair is continuing to gain popularity. It’s a color that sparkles with a bit of blond in the sunlight but has shades of light chocolate color in it as well. Any shade of these color browns, paired with light-brown face-framing highlights, will result in that desired soft edgy look.

Blond hair is becoming more complex with all the different shades that are currently being created. Colorists are using honey-hued hair to transition their clients from summer blond to blond hair with a fall flair. You will be hearing a lot about a beige blond tone, which is a soft, light shade of blond with almost no variation in coloring. I wouldn’t recommend this tone for sheitels, as it lacks the necessary depth in color that’s need in wigs to avoid looking unnatural. Darker roots for blondes are going even darker this season; this trend is a big plus for blonde sheitel wearers, as this creates an extremely natural-looking blond in the sheitel. Buttery blonds will be everywhere! It’s the exact opposite of platinum ashy blonds; it’s a blond with a yellowy tone to it, giving it that buttery look. If you’re unsure which shade blond to go for you can almost always be safe with “blond nude hair.” It is an even amount of both warm and cool tones, which cancel each other out to create a neutral look. This color is almost always flattering on all different types of skin tones.

Colorists are always inventing new techniques to achieve fun and flattering looks. Combining balayage with baby-lights highlighting technique is now being done to give the client bright and beautiful dimension around the face. For those who want even more dimension, adding a root (something I always suggest for sheitels to appear more natural) will achieve that perfect Instagram look. Snow-light hair is becoming popular as a more subtle highlighted look. It’s achieved by placing shimmering pieces of pale blond scattered across the top of the head for a sparkling snow look. The traditional ombre hair is being replaced by “sombre,” which is a super-subtle ombre hair. Only the middle to the ends of the hair is a smudge lighter than the crown of the head for a seamless transition through the hair. Hair-strobing is a take on the now-popular makeup techniques of highlighting and contouring, which highlights where the light would naturally hit the skin. It is now becoming popular in the realm of hair as well. Hair strobing is strategically placing individualized highlights specific to one’s hair color, face shape and skin tone to make your skin naturally glow. Don’t shy away from trying one of the newest looks. Consult with your colorist who will best advise you as to which style will complement your face shape and will help you find that perfect color and tone for your skin type. You will be so happy with your new updated look!

By Sari Friedbauer

Sari Friedbauer is the owner of Sari’s Wigs. She is a licensed hairdresser and certified wig maker and can be reached for consults at (201)694-5319.

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