Friday, February 03, 2023

The girl’s basketball season at Frisch has begun with a bang. The team came back from the summer revamped with new coaches, new uniforms and more practices. Head coach, Stacy Hollander, is pushing the team members like they have never been pushed before. The practices are grueling with players running, sprinting, jumping and shooting, pushing themselves as hard as possible. Shahar Platt says, “I never had such a workout in my life! I can’t feel my legs for days!”

Getting in shape is the most important part of the game, Coach Hollander said, because it determines whether a team has the energy to put up a fight in the last minutes of a game. Both players and coaches have high expectations for the team’s season. Not succeeding after all the suicides, wall-sits and burpies, is not an option for the Frisch Girl’s Basketball team. The first game is November 6th against Ramaz, and hopefully the team’s hard work will pay off.

By Nicole Feigenblum

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