Tuesday, July 07, 2020

The MTA Lions Junior Varsity Basketball team, a team stacked with talent but struggling, came into the Emunah Rubenstein Memorial Tournament with downwards momentum.

Their first game was against second-ranked DRS. MTA was outmatched and out-sized. Despite those odds, and the absence of their captain throughout the tournament, they made it a game worth watching because of high-scorer Adam Motovich.

The next game was played as an inter-division game against Heschel. Without their starting point guard and still missing their captain, the game was a nail biter with MTA trying to hold the lead. Ultimately, they came up short despite the efforts of Yehuda Colton and Adam Motovich.

The final tournament game against Hillel seemingly started off as an evenly matched contest. The press, however, caught MTA off guard and until they could break it their scores suffered greatly.

Leading scorers Yehuda Colton and Adam Motovich received the teams’ two All-Star awards because of their efforts during the tournament.