Thursday, February 02, 2023

Several months ago, Teaneck’s own Saul Lejtman decided he was going to run a race. Saul is not one of the many regulars that you would find running up and down the mountainous terrain known as West Engelwood Avenue in the wee hours of the morning, let alone the hills of Jerusalem. In fact, when Saul signed up for the Jerusalem Half-Marathon it was his first step into the running subculture.

As training began, Saul was quick to develop a tremendous amount of respect for runners and their physical capabilities.

Professionally, Saul is a local dentist and has many years of experience bringing smiles to his patient’s faces. He did not want this experience to be about himself, he wanted to use it as a vehicle to make other people smile. After some research, Saul joined “Team Lifeline-Israel,” which supports “Chaiyanu,” the Israel affiliate of the world-renowned organization, Chai Lifeline. He also inspired his daughter Tova (studying in Michlalah for the year) to join his quest.

Chai Lifeline is an international children’s health support network dedicated to bringing joy and hope to seriously ill children and their families. The funds that are raised go towards the year-round services and programs provided for these special children. Giving to these children and helping them smile was indeed the desired achievement that Saul was looking for.

The race, which takes place in two weeks, is approximately one month before the 6th yahrtzeit of Saul’s late brother-in-law (a man missed by all of Bergen County) Mitchell Gross, a”h. All of the money Saul raises will be in memory of Mitch, a terrific athlete and tremendous person who still touches lives almost six years after his untimely passing.

Saul and Tova encourage everyone to become a partner in this endeavor and to please visit their page http://www.teamlifeline.org/israel/my/tenaflysmiles and donate any amount to bring smiles to the faces of ill children in Israel.

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