Friday, June 02, 2023

Having earned a #1 seed in the B-League with a 10-2 record, Bruriah hosted Magen David in the playoffs.

Avigayil Wiener led the offense with fast breaks to build a comfortable lead and Eliana Alter hit outside shots to add to Bruriah’s lead. Rachel Hershkowitz, Shayna Schwartz, and Shayna Rosenzweig led the defense with blocks and rebounds. With a final score of 44-33, Bruriah secured a spot for itself in the championships vs. the Stella K. Abraham School of Hewlitt (SKA).

Bruriah and SKA faced off in the much anticipated intense B-League championship game. Both teams came in well prepared and Bruriah knew it had to be on top of its game to defeat SKA. Hard work and determination all season long had led them to this game. Coming in pumped and anxious, Bruriah team members were ready to play their hearts out.

But Bruriah players got off to a slow start by giving up the ball and missing shots. They entered the locker room at halftime down by 8.

After an inspiring speech from Coach and knowing what they needed to do to fix their mistakes, Bruriah came out alive and ready to take the game. With a tightened defense, Bruriah pressured SKA and held their shots to a minimum. On offense, Eliana Alter sunk shots from the outside while Rachel Hershkowitz drove through the lane. Avigayil Wiener and Ilana Markowitz led a 10-point run to cut SKA’s lead to 2. Despite its most valiant run, Bruriah fell short and lost 40-34. Congratulations SKA.

Bruriah is looking forward to the inaugural B-League tournament scheduled for March 30 at which time it will face SKA again.

By Ilana Markowitz

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