Tuesday, March 28, 2023

The Ma’ayanot JV basketball team played its final game of 2013-2014 falling to the SAR Sting in the championship game held at TABC.

The game was a scoreless defensive battle until the middle of the first quarter, when the Rapids scored a layup to take the lead. Ma’ayanot remained in the lead for a few minutes until SAR scored a layup as well. The score went back and forth for the remainder of the first quarter, ending with SAR in the lead 8-6.

In the second quarter, SAR pulled ahead and was up by nearly 10 points by the end of the first half.

Ma’ayanot played tough for the remainder of the game, but was unable to catch SAR. The final score was 39-26.

This team was the first-ever Ma’ayanot basketball team to make it to the championships, so their second-place finish was a resounding triumph for their 2013-2014 season.

This great season would not have been possible without the Rapids’ amazing coaches, Keni Ashby and Atata Polinsky. They guided the team through every play, game, and practice. Congratulations to the entire team on an amazing season! (Adina Rosenberg, Gabi Lerner, Nachama Stern, Shana Adler, Shana Gershbaum, Elisheva, Katz, Racheli Zirman, Chaya Robinson, Racheli Zomberg, Tamar Segal, Adina Falk, Alissa Felder, Michal Horn, and Amanda Solomon).

By Shana Adler

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