Monday, June 01, 2020

Looking back at the last four years of MYHSAL girls varsity soccer, one can only take notice of the amazing feat of the Rapids. After winning their third championship in four years, the Rapids end the year with another division title and championship in hand. Since 2015, the Rapids have not lost a division and have not lost at home, going an astonishing 41-3 overall and at one-point rattling off two consecutive championships and 30+ consecutive wins. Like every good story, this one has its drama too, and while the Rapids looked to celebrate their third championship in a row last year, they fell to Kushner, one of the three losses they have suffered over the last few years.

This year the Rapids came in on a mission, and from the first game it was clear this team was out to prove a point. After winning another division, they went on to rebound and capture yet another championship in their impressive history. “I don’t take this run for granted” said Ma’ayanot varsity head coach Moshe Zharnest. “I tell my team, every game, take this in. You never know when we will back.” Zharnest does his part to ensure he keeps the team on the right track. “Since we started winning, my assistant coach (Ansara) and myself color coordinate what we wear to games, you may ask when I will stop…all I can say is it’s worked this long…but in all seriousness I am blessed to work in a great school, with a great AD (Jen) and great young ladies.”

Over the last few years Ma’ayanot has become a soccer hub, and behind the consistency of the same head coach the school seems to produce new talent every year. “Just when I think the run is over, boom—there comes another four freshmen, who carry the team on yet another run, it’s a next man up attitude.” The young ladies seem to fit right in, and while the players keep changing the results don’t—and the Rapids keep winning. Perhaps the secret to their success is the harmonious attitude of all the players, whether good enough to start or not, everyone embraces their role and everyone contributes. The end product is a storied run, with win after win, division after division, and championship after championship. While many tend to focus on the male yeshiva sports, we don’t know of any other team on such an impressive home court and division title run as the Rapids. So, if you’re looking for a team to watch as it ends an era, we suggest paying attention to the Rapids. These young women seem to be motivated to make history.