Friday, July 03, 2020

Last month, the Ma’ayanot Athletic Department held a drive by Rapids Quaranteam Champion Parade for its two teams that made it to the championship. The varsity volleyball and varsity basketball teams were greeted by their coaches with swag bags, music and fan fair.

The parade was followed by a Rapid Quaranteam Tailgate Zoom celebrating the athletes, featuring a sports movie Kahoot with prizes and a coaches’ tribute video. Elliot Steinmetz, the head coach of the YU men’s basketball team spoke on the purpose of investing in our choices vs. indifference. The festivities concluded with a sports montage made by Nava Forman.

Additionally in health, the Rapids have been having Ms. Lee from Englewood Krav Maga teach 10th graders basic self-defense in typical scenarios to protect themselves from harm and ensuring they understand the importance of being alert.

By Ma’ayanot Athletic Dept