Sunday, September 19, 2021

MTA is excited to announce the official start of its 2020-2021 athletics program! Varsity and JV basketball and hockey tryouts were held on the week of November 9 and talmidim were thrilled to return to the courts. “During this difficult time, we are doing everything we can to provide outlets for our boys which are meaningful, fun, and of course, safe. All tryouts and practices will be run under the guidance and with the approval of our medical director,” shared MTA Athletic Director Rabbi Evan Genachowski. “We feel strongly that being on a team has incredible value. The opportunity to come together, to grow both individually and as a group, as athletes and people with proper middos, is something that we feel is important for our talmidim, no matter what the season ends up looking like.” Once tryouts are complete and teams are confirmed, MTA plans to hold a regular regimen of practices and drills for all teams to help athletes keep their skills sharp.

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