Saturday, June 03, 2023

One couldn’t help but feel nostalgic seeing the red and yellow jerseys against the sea of blue at the Torah Academy of Bergen County gym. Three short months ago, this was the site of the first- ever YMSSA championship game, a game that will be recorded as an epic battle between terrific ballplayers. On this day, the supporting cast, coaches, and intensity level were not the same, but all present knew they were in for an exciting game.

The game did not disappoint; it was a fast-paced display of terrific ball handling and sharp shooting. The light team took an early lead courtesy of some terrific ball movement and Shmuel Bak’s sweet 3-pointer. The dark team fought back, combining the deadly shooting of Zwebner and Kuritsky with a team effort, denying “Big Man” Sammy Sokal the ball.

With two minutes left dark was up by 5 and the light team looked exhausted, playing on a bigger court than they were used to. After a time out, the light team showed what they were made of. Oshi Bloom and Sokal took over the game. The duo showed why they were representing the champion (SAR Sting) at the All-Star game. They clogged the middle, denied the dark team penetration, and turned three consecutive dark possessions. When the final buzzer sounded, the light team had beaten the dark by a score of 41-36.

Thanks to the commissioners for organizing a great event; the coaches for volunteering their time; the kids for playing their hearts out, and all of the fans for coming out to support them.

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