Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Friendship. Gratitude. These were the themes of the day as Teaneck Baseball Organization celebrated its official 2021 spring season opener at Votee Park’s Clubhouse Field, where the Middle Girls division Yoni’s Pretzel Challah Bakers downed the Prime Tech Partners Aces by a score of 9-6.

In welcoming the new season, TBO paid tribute to its longtime board member Susan Feuerstein, who stepped down last fall after an incredible 25-year run helping lead the organization. TBO Vice President of Baseball Brian Jacobs got the ceremonies underway, welcoming the players, families and other spectators from the Clubhouse pitcher’s mound, the site where so many TBO seasons kicked off under Feuerstein’s stewardship. Past President David Greenberg offered brief remarks.

“With Sue, it was always all about the kids. Her own kids graduated from TBO many years ago. She stayed on, year after year, making sure things kept running smoothly in this organization she cared deeply about—for the kids,” Greenberg said.

After joining the board in the mid-1990s, Feuerstein served the league in numerous capacities, including stints as commissioner of the various softball divisions, vice president of operations, and TBO president. Regardless of her official title at any given time, however, her peers on the board relied on her guidance and involvement in virtually all aspects of league operations.

“Sue’s hand was in everything,” Greenberg told the crowd. “Ballfield permits? Sue lined them up. Lights not working for your son’s night game? Call Sue, she’ll fix it. Your daughter’s softball uniform? Sue ordered it. She assisted with or outright handled everything.”

With current board members gathered around home plate and the teams lined up along the foul lines, Jacobs presented Feuerstein with a plaque—in the shape of home plate—expressing TBO’s gratitude for Feuerstein’s quarter-century role in sustaining the organization. Jacobs also delivered a proclamation from the Teaneck Township Council expressing its appreciation for Feuerstein’s long service to TBO. Feuerstein then capped off the ceremonies by ably throwing out the first pitch, firing a strike to the Aces’ Nili Rothenberg.

In the game that followed, the Bakers earned their win supported by strong defense across the board, including from veterans Delia Zaretsky and Kayla Kozlovsky. Hard hits from Lea Kirschenbaum, Libby Kirschenbaum, Adina Jacob and Dalia Aaron, among others, added up to a nice showing on offense. Meanwhile, though the Aces came up a few runs short in the scorebook, the team’s Juliet Wolin and Tamara Steinberg combined for several great plays.