Friday, January 21, 2022

This was the question posed to Bergen County families last spring and the answer was a resounding yes. The response was so great that the league has reserved Sunday afternoon time slots in two regulation football sized fields at nearby Overpeck Park to accommodate its 38 teams. According to one of the commissioners, “The goal of last Sunday’s preseason exhibition was to get a feel for the players and hopefully build the most balanced rosters based on the feedback. All games were competitive. The highlight might have been a final second hail mary reception in the kindergarten/first grade division. If these games are any indicator, we are in store for some exciting games.” All players at the preseason event received BCFL kippahs (HT Coolkippahs), complimentary snacks and free ice cream from the Mousa’s ice cream truck that was parked at Vince Lombardi Field all afternoon. (Who knew he was a football fanatic as well?)

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, Rabbi Rosalimsky remarked, “After a year and half of quarantining and maintaining various cohorts, it was beyond heartwarming to see over 350 kids from all of the local yeshivot come together to play, laugh and grow together.” Bergenfield mom and BCFL parent Rebecca Katz told The Jewish Link, “It’s truly amazing to see all these kids from different schools playing ball together again. Playing sports is definitely something that keeps them happy and healthy and it was so hard watching that be taken away from them for close to two years of covid restrictions. I think some healthy competition this season will get all these kids back in action!”

The wait is almost over, as the regular season will kick off on September 26, (Sunday Chol ha Moed Succos). On that day, all players will receive official NFL Flag replica jerseys of their favorite professional teams, flags and all games will be officiated by carded referees.

Looking forward to an amazing season of Bergen County Flag Football.

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