Thursday, January 20, 2022

This week’s spotlight game takes us back to the state-of-the-art Vince Lombardi Memorial Field in Palisades Park. The Giants came into Sunday’s game with high intensity, playing against the Packers, the only undefeated team in the 4/5 division. Isaiah Smilow led the player-only pregame huddle with “we’re gonna play hard, we’re gonna do our jobs, we’re gonna have fun!” The Packers won the coin toss and elected to get the ball first.

Giants defensive Coach Yitzy Weiss set up a strong front line, led by Jack Weiss, Mitchell Stamler and Isaiah Smilow which held the Packers from a first down. Giants ball. On the first possession Weiss maneuvered through the defense for a touchdown. 6-0 Giants. The Giants defense held them again. Back on offense, with quick thinking and under pressure, Weiss delivers a deep pass to Eitan Margulies for a TD. 12-0. This is when the Packers stepped it up, making an interception for a TD and then throwing a deep pass for another TD and converting an extra point. 13-12 Packers at the half.

After the half, both teams quickly changed possessions. Giants offensive Coach Yaakov Margulies decided it was time for new offensive plays. With swift running by Weiss and multiple team fake-outs, the Giants got their first first down since the start of the half. Next possession, Weiss delivered an over the shoulder pass to Margulies for a TD. And for the extra point, Margulies delivers a bullet pass to Jack Rauch. 19-12 Giants. With lockdown defense it was Giants ball soon again. This time Eitan Menashe caught a pass up the middle for a TD. And shortly after that Shaya Liben caught it on the corner of the endzone with an extra point sideline diving catch by Margulies. 32-12. With tight defense, including an interception by Brian Younger, quick pulls by Jacob Younger and swats by Rami Moskovits, the Giants held the Packers scoreless the second half. Smilow again led the teams post-game huddle, this time celebrating their victory and ending with a “one-two-three TEAM!” The Giants are now 4-1, winning their last four games.

By BCFL Coaches


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