Friday, August 19, 2022

Bobby Kaplan is set to join Yeshivat Bonayich as athletic director.

Legendary Hall of Fame coach Bobby Kaplan is teaming up with Yeshivat Bonayich (formerly The Builder School). Coach K will create the school’s physical education curriculum, as well as coach both boys and girls basketball.

Coach Kaplan is known in Bergen County for his many years of highly successful coaching of other area high schools, leading to multiple Yeshiva League championships.

Rabbi Eliyahu Teitz, head of school of Yeshivat Bonayich, was enthusiastic when discussing this latest placement. “We are thrilled to be able to entice Coach K to lace up his sneakers again and to share his wisdom of the game with our students. Even more important will be his sharing of his deeply held ethic of sportsmanship, both on the court and off.”

Coach Kaplan founded the Israel Basketball Academy, which he ran for over a decade in Israel and later in upstate New York, after a successful career in the insurance industry, rising to vice president of human resources (the only kippa wearing executive at the company) at The Equitable Life Assurance Society,. He currently works with his wife, Ruby, in the real estate field.

“I am very excited to be able to interact and mold a new generation of students,” said the coach. “We are going to create a first class phys. ed program and competitive sports teams.”

As the school grows, the coach will expand his responsibilities and add classes in business management and real estate.

By Eliyahu Teitz


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