Sunday, June 04, 2023

Congrats to the sixth grade girls Noam Knights basketball team on winning the championship game (undefeated)! With the teamwork of all the amazing players and the coaching of the amazing coaches, Leora Sulimanoff (Coach S.), Maya Krause and Jordana Marks, the team had an outstanding season! The final game matched up Yeshivat Noam vs. Ramaz Rams and play was getting heated. The Knights were up by a few points at half time, but then the Rams started catching up with some awesome 3-point shots made by Ava Cohen and other amazing Ramaz players. Noam was getting nervous, but still played strong and confident in the next two quarters and continued to make great shots. All the teams this season played hard with great sportsmanship so really everyone’s a winner!

By Leora Wasserman


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