Tuesday, March 21, 2023

On Sunday the Stars and Rangers met again to determine a champion. The first go-round was a 0-0 tie, and this time nobody would be disappointed with the excitement and intensity of the game.

Once again the game was dominated by tremendous play, especially by goalies Yis Kaminetzky of the Rangers and Josh Orlinsky of the Stars. They thwarted their opponents again and again.

The 3rd period started and nobody could find the back of the net, but that would finally end when Dani Greenberg of the Rangers scored. Immediately after the goal, Eitan Adler of the Stars was robbed on a breakaway by the lightning quick reflexes of Kaminetzky to preserve the Rangers lead. The Rangers would be able to hold on for the thrilling 1-0 victory.

Playoff MVP honors went to Rangers’ goalie Yis Kaminetzky. Regular season awards were also given out after the game. Regular season “MVP” was Jacob Feit. “Most Improved Player” went to Ezra Becker; “Breakout Player” to Sariel Rotblat; “Sportsmanship/Team MVP” went to Adam Farbowitz. First-team “All Stars” were Eitan Alter, Natan Solomon, Alex Zakheim, Joseph Mann and Yis Kaminetzky. Second-team “All Stars” were Jared Moskowitz, Jacob Feigenblum, Eli Knapp, Eitan Geisler and Mathew Eichenholz.

The winter session will kick off in late January or early February.

By Mo Fuchs

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