Friday, June 02, 2023

On January 29th the Ma’ayanot Rapids played an outstanding game against Westchester.

During the 1st quarter, the Rapids started the game by taking the lead, 13-4. Those 13 points were scored by freshman Jessie Orgel and freshman Leora Adler.

During the 2nd quarter, the Rapids added another 19 points and continued to hold down Westchester. Freshmen Mitchell scored 6 points, Mollie scored 2 points, and Rebecca scored 2 points which together helped the Rapids reach a score of 32 points. With the help of sophomores Tamar Segal with 4 points and Tehilla with 4 points, the Rapids were in the lead, 32-6.

During the 3rd quarter, even when Westchester scored 10 points, the Rapids played hard and scored 10 points of their own. Freshman Jessie Orgel scored 4 points and sophomores Alyssa Felder scored 4 points and Rachelli Zomberg scored 2 points.

By the 4th quarter, the Rapids led by a score of 42-15. Throughout the quarter the Rapids scored another 10 points with the help of freshmen Mollie with 2 points and Rebecca with 2 points. Sophomore Tehilla scored 4 points and sophomore Rachelli Zomberg scored 2 points. The Rapids finished the game with a score of 52-17.

The Rapids played an amazing season with a record of 9-1 and could not have done it without the help of their amazing coaches, Keni and Atara, who got them through the entire season.

By Esti Knapp

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