Tuesday, March 21, 2023

The JV Basketball Storm entered its recent matchup with a lot on the line against the Heschel Heat. Heschel was playing for a spot in the playoffs while the Storm was playing to snap a losing streak and finish strong heading into the playoffs.

The Storm came out playing a stifling defense and trading mini runs throughout the first half with all-around play from Captain Mo Proctor and freshman Yonaton Fine. TABC took a 5 point lead at the half.

The Storm then blew the game open with a superb 3rd-quarter defense holding Heschel to 6 points with scoring spurts from Efraim Saks and Eitan Gerzsberg. Adriel “the bulldog” Balour and Andrew Haberman dominated the 4th, and TABC finished with a winning score of 52-37.

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