July 18, 2024
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July 18, 2024
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Linking Northern and Central NJ, Bronx, Manhattan, Westchester and CT

Editor’s Note: We are thrilled to introduce Harry Glazer’s new monthly column, Jewish Link Super Fan of the Month.

Ami Avraham is a bundle of frenetic and always-friendly energy. He is a manager in the tax department at the EisnerAmper accounting firm in Iselin and he specializes in high net worth individuals. He runs the teen minyan at Congregation Ohr Torah in Edison, a role he’s held since 2004. He also coaches various youth sports in town. He and his wife, Bracha, have four children.

Ami is a passionate fan of The Jewish Link and will often post about it, or link to it, on Fridays on Facebook. Because for him, The Jewish Link is an essential part of the weekend.

Do you read the paper every week?

Yes! I usually read it after learning, after our Friday-night seuda. Often I’ll continue reading it on Shabbos day, before my nap.

Where do you pick up a copy?

Often I get it at Ohr Torah, after the 10:10 Maariv on Thursday. I will bring the batches of the paper into the building. If not, I get it at Dunkin Donuts or from Harry Glazer’s porch.

What are your favorite sections of the paper?

I enjoy reading about the activities at the different yeshivot, in part because my wife, Bracha, is an English teacher at Bruriah Yeshiva High School for Girls and in part because I have many friends who are administrators at different yeshivot in the region. The educator/coach in me loves seeing all the kids thriving in their various schools.

I regularly read Rabbi Jachter’s column for the different esoteric Halachic anaylses and Dr. Chani Maybruch’s column (always fascinated by human behavior, especially in the frum world). I often chuckle with Mordechai Shmutter’s column. And the ads are great—that’s how I learn what’s going on in the community. I think of the paper as: “The Jewish Geography Weekly.” I also enjoy the back and forth in the letters to the editor.

I often avoid reading the articles online, because nothing compares to sitting on a sofa and holding a (physical) newspaper. I’m traditional that way.

What does the paper mean to you?

It tells me that it’s the end of the week and we made it to Shabbos.

Have things in the paper made a difference in your life?

Sure—the divrei Torah are great. I’ve made new contacts from the paper and I’ve gotten some great travel and restaurant tips.

If you know someone who is our biggest fan, email [email protected] with their name and contact information.

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