July 21, 2024
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July 21, 2024
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Spring’s Hottest Hair Colors for 2022

As the seasons change, there is nothing like a new hair color to make you feel refreshed and alive. Thankfully, there is no shortage of new hair color trends to try right now! Since getting to the salons has been difficult these past two years, color trends were all about natural, low-maintenance colors, such as undone blondes and cinnamon browns. Hopefully, as life starts to return to normal, spring 2022 is going to be all about having fun with bright, popping colors.


Rich Looking Brunettes and Brown Balayage:

Gigi Hadid, Hailey Bieber and many other blonde celebrities have traded in their blonde for rich-looking brunette colors. A rich-looking brunette will have deeper colors, with pops of color. These colors include Glossy Espresso, Black Diamond, Mahogany and Hazelnut. Some have gone with a very rich darker root, almost black looking in color, while others have opted for a slightly darker bottom with sunkissed highlights glazing the top of one’s head. Both looks are used on sheitels to help achieve a more natural look.

Adding balayage to any dark or brown hair instantly gives the hair pops of dimension.

Alternatively, subtle highlights are a great way to refresh dark hair colors without a drastic change. Adding in shades of auburn to dark or brown hair works well for all eye colors. For those with brown eyes, it will enhance the warmth in one’s eyes. For those with blue or green eyes, it creates a beautiful contrast, thus making the eye color pop even more. Both look universally great on all skin tones and add an illuminating shine to the hair.


Buttery Bright Blondes:

This season, expect to see brighter blondes popping everywhere. For a new Pesach look, try stretching just a bit out of your comfort zone. Whatever level of blonde you are used to, try going a bit lighter and brighter. This will accentuate your eye color, and give a naturally glowing look to your skin. Adding more of the lighter blonde while decreasing the amount of dark blonde lowlights will help to achieve this look. Blondes this season will be less dimensional, making their color stand out more in a crowd.

Buttercream Blonde is such a popular color blonde this season that I have stocked many wigs in this shade for Pesach. This shade allows blondes to go lighter in color, without being platinum. It’s a very light blonde with a hint of warmth, which is more complimentary to most skin tones, and requires less maintenance than platinum blonde.

Colorists are always working on ways to perfect that effortless-looking blonde. Using one’s natural root color and starting the highlights/balayage lower down requires fewer salon visits and provides a more natural look. You will see blondes starting out darker on top while naturally fading into lighter levels of blonde, creating a root melt type of look.


Face-Framing Highlights:

This is one of my favorite techniques in coloring and I recommend it for most sheitels. Face-framing highlights can range from subtle to dramatic. With either style that you choose, adding a brighter shade around your face will automatically draw attention to one’s eyes. Leaving the ends of the face framing even brighter will give one an instant face lift, since the lighter color automatically brings one’s attention to that area.


Reverse Balayage:

Reverse balayage is a new trend that is rapidly growing. This technique works great on wigs that are either too light in color, or are over oxidized. Any wig that needs to be made darker while still maintaining a dimensional look would benefit from a reverse balayage. This technique allows the colorist to use the base color as the highlight, while being able to darken the rest of the wig. This will give your wig an overall darker appearance while still maintaining contrasting colors and pops of highlights.

Now is the time to think about your new Pesach look! There are so many classic hair colors you can combine with an unexpected trendy twist. Caramel ribbons, pops of buttery blonde, vintage blondes and cinnamon swirls will all definitely create some head-turning looks. As always, it’s best to consult with a colorist who specializes in coloring sheitels, as it is much more complicated than coloring hair. (If you would like me to color your wig for Pesach, please bring it to me ASAP, as it is a time-consuming process, and I want to get your sheitel colored perfectly in time for Pesach.)

Sari Friedbauer is the owner of Sari’s Wigs. She is a licensed cosmetologist and certified wig maker. Sari is located in Teaneck, and is available for consultations. Sari can be reached via text at 201-694-5319

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