September 30, 2023
September 30, 2023

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St. Thomas Chabad Welcomes Yeshiva Week Vacationers

Despite the tragedy that befell Chabad Shluchah to the Virgin Islands, Chabad on St. Thomas has devotedly assured that all the amenities so many have become accustomed to while visiting there are fully available to Yeshiva Week vacationers this season.

Daily Minyanim (and rides) for all Tefillot, chavrusa learning, communal Friday night meals, well-stocked Shabbat buffet kiddush , daily kosher food service, and more are all available at

Even while Rebbetzin Henya Federman continues to fight for her life, her husband Rabbi Asher — aided by local communal members, close family and fellow Chabad-Lubavitch emissaries — is determined to ensure that his wife’s signature hachnasat orchim for Yeshiva Week guests would continue unabated.

Recruiting Rabbi and Mrs. Mendel Galperin from Florida and Rabbis Menachem Wolf (Melbourne) and Zelig Katzman (Omaha, Nebraska), Federman explained to them that both because of his family’s Shlichut responsibility to klal yisrael , as well as a personal merit for the Rebbetzin, it is paramount to his family that all people who seek their help are fully welcomed and helped.

This effort follows closely the historic and larger-than-ever illumination of the Virgin Islands during Chanukah less than a month ago (

During all this, a name was added to Rebbetzin Federman, and round-the-clock tefillah, tzedakah and all kinds of maasim tovim continue in merit of a complete and speedy recovery for Henya Rivkah bat Brachah Devorah Leah. The Federman family and fellow Chabad Shluchim and Shluchot worldwide request that people engage in these Tefillot and activities in merit of someone so completely and selflessly devoted to klal yisrael .

In that vein, a letter the Federmans’ oldest child Moussia wrote to her community back home while sitting at her mother’s bedside in New Jersey has been ricocheting around the world, nourishing people’s faith despite the family’s heartbreaking circumstances. (

Contact, Minyan WhatsApp, Kosher food and more are all available at

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