December 11, 2023
December 11, 2023

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Summer’s Hottest Hair Trends

Stepping out of quarantine is the perfect time to debut the new you. Updating your wig color is an easy way to give yourself some self care, and feel revived and brightened. Whether you’re looking for something super subtle, or jaw-dropping dramatic, 2020’s summer hair color trends have something for you. From brunettes to blonds and every color in between, there is a hair color to complement every hair type and complexion.

For brunettes this summer it’s all about the shine. If your hair or wig is a bit dull, matte or dry looking, consider doing a hair glaze to spruce up and liven the color. If you like the color and tone of your wig, but the hair is looking dry, try doing a clear shine glaze to bring the brightness in the color back to life.

Glossy burgundy colors are one of the most popular color choices for brunettes this summer. They are brown colors with tints of warmth to them. This coloring is easy to achieve in a wig, as most brown wigs naturally do come with some warm undertones in them. Another trend this summer will be the “sun-kissed brunette” look, which is brown hair with a sprinkling of some caramel highlights on top to mimic the natural highlights your hair gets from the sun. A warm gold look can be achieved using a brown hair base and adding plenty of warm highlights to give it dimension and brightness. Dusty auburn brunettes are experimenting with adding shades of soft red in their hair, since it adds a subtle glow to their skin. All shades of brunettes are being enhanced with highlights this season.

When you think summer, you often think of going lighter with your hair color. However, many stylists this summer are choosing extremely dark shades, almost black looking, to give those shorter lobs a more striking and edgy look. To polish off this dark look be sure to gloss the hair, to keep it looking really shiny, as that’s part of the hair trend for this color.

For lighter color hair, bronde, a popular 2019 blend of brown and blond hair color, is here to stay. Its the perfect hair color to enhance the glow of one’s skin for those who tan well. Beach-blond hair, with bright tones enhanced with a gloss treatment that adds more tone and shine, will make the blond color more vibrant. Peach cobbler is a peachy blond color that looks great on all skin tones, especially those with the sun-kissed glow of summer. Cinnamon, a warm reddish tint, is being added to a lot of color dyes this summer, to make the hair look like it was naturally tinted from the sun.

Balayage still remains the most popular technique for hair color this year. Caramel is an extremely popular color being done with this technique, since it is low maintenance. “The money piece” is the dramatic face-framing highlight, which will be booming in popularity this season. Chunky highlights, a solid all-over color with bold highlights from the ’90s, are making a comeback. Soft and subtle highlights are being shown on every hair color this summer, as they pop and enhance one’s natural hair color. Babylights are super-thin woven highlights that will remain popular because of their low maintenance. Color blocking, a technique using bold hair colors to dip dye the very ends of the hair, is a very trendy, modern look. Blond with dark roots remains trending; this is a great look for blond sheitals, as it helps to make them look more natural.

Now is the perfect time to ditch that winter color and freshen your look with the newest summer trends. Consult with your stylist to have her help you pick a complementary color for your skin tone. Choosing the right hair color is key to helping your skin look brighter with a natural glow.

Sari Friedbauer is the owner of Sari’s Wigs. She is a licensed hairdresser and cosmetologist and certified wig maker. She is available for consultations and can be reached at 201-694-5319.

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