December 1, 2023
December 1, 2023

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Supporting Israel Through Art

(Courtesy of Lifeline Art) Daniel Gradus is the founder and managing partner at Homrun, a unique investment group that helps Israeli companies reach a global market utilizing the knowledge, the power and the connections of their wide network of Jewish members in the Diaspora.

However, on Oct. 7, Gradus — like so many others — lost friends in the attack. During his time as an IDF commander, some of his former soldiers were living in a variety of the kibbutzim; some heroically helped save other members of their community while others, tragically, didn’t survive.

Daniel (left) speaking with surivors of the kibbutz.

Gradus decided to take action and, with the permission of the other members of the group, has shifted the purpose and mission of Homrun to helping the victims and survivors of the attack and to bring support and solidarity. Through his wide network of friends, he quickly realized that the victims were receiving donations and gifts but they profoundly lacked the human element. There was no one asking the survivors what they actually needed right now, away from their homes and traumatized.

While spending time in Eilat with some of the devastated communities, Gradus met artist Adi Drimer. In the darkest hours of terror, while hiding in her bomb shelter, Adi started documenting the horrifying live chat from the Kibbutz Re’im WhatsApp group while they were attacked in order to keep her mind busy. Every detail about what people were hearing, feeling and reporting, every cry for help, call for action, is documented in the order it was written.

Devastation at Kibbutz Rei’im.

As a way to demonstrate support, bring awareness and, of course, provide support and comfort to their community through the proceeds, the piece was turned into art prints that are for sale online in a variety of sizes and forms. This is the “Lifeline Art” project. The beautiful piece captures a historic moment from the perspective of the victims, a tragic moment in Israeli history, brought to light in the form of art. All the proceeds generated are directed to the Kibbutz Re’im community.

More devastation at the kibbutz.

A goal of the Lifeline Art project is to display the artwork in homes, shuls and other public spaces. A brochure with context and a QR code is available for shuls and public spaces displaying the art.

“They need our hands to hug them, our minds to think about them, and our experience and connections to help them now. And that’s what we want to bring besides the money. This will be our next mission,” said Gradus.

Daniel (left) speaking with surivors of the kibbutz.

To purchase the art or for more information, visit

The artwork.
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